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  1. Also I believe MLB is violating the flag code...There's that.
  2. It is indeed Chinese. Good thing for me, it lasts longer this way. I tend to buy a size bigger so that they last longer when they do shrink
  3. I scored a red Expos hat from Lids the other day and for a 7 3/4 it seemed like a 7 5/8. Also got the teal Marlins one as well.
  4. Noir

    MLB Changes 2017

    The league offices were abolished in 1999. The Leagues themselves are still in existence.
  5. Noir

    Seattle Arena

    David was a LOT of things, suffering from dementia was not one of them.
  6. Keep looking, somebody's gonna find them
  7. Cheapest i've gotten an authentic for was for 10 on ebay. (Strasburg rookie edition and a Tigers Prince Fielder) I just got lucky
  8. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    HHere's the LA teams, Miami and Milwauee
  9. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Here's the next Round: Houston and Kansas City
  10. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback, the next round is going to be great. jrcollis, that gray is actually the RGB value of Fenway Green.
  11. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    I love the Braves branding, but i figured I would explore the Home of the Braves part a bit more, this is what i came up with. Cleveland i didn't like so much, as I wanted to get rid of all Native American imagery. Arizona was a mashup of uniform scripts and that red is actually a dark copper that i saw on a patch of a jersey that I have for them
  12. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Here's my take on some primary logos for MLB. Some are mashups, tweaks and an overhaul.
  13. Noir

    anybody have info on this logo?

    Great shade of blue! Love it!