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  1. SplashBoogie

    Relocation/Rebrand: San Diego Clippers

    I'm going to echo the concern about moderately visible sails on waves. While a sinking ship is apt for the Clippers, this may be a little on the nose. After adding the ship I think this a good start, I like the Set Sail branding idea. I think the whites would look better if the shorts matched the sides of the powder and navys. I get the idea behind the SD Zoo as a inspiration point but that clashes hard with the other three uniforms.
  2. SplashBoogie

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    That logo update is fire I like the removal of the orange from the unis, the red feels like it stands out more without it. Are the stripes and numbers still reflective like the trim on the currents?
  3. SplashBoogie

    ECHL | Utah Grizzlies Rebrand

    I like this. It's a solid upgrade over the existing mark. Would you put the full logo on the front of the jerseys or would there be a partial instead?
  4. SplashBoogie

    New York Jets // CrownCorvus

    The Jets USA Today blog had an offer for fans to design their ideas for what the Jets will/should do when they get new uniforms next season. This was my entry. The new Primary logo brings back a modified version of the 80s futuristic jet logo but places it in the oval that's been part of the Jets identity from jumpstreet. Double Green was a happy accident when I was trying to incorporate the Titans gold I selected the wrong oval from a previous layer and it showed a Kelly outline instead of Gold. The decision to use a Kelly Outline with Hunter interior rather than the reverse came from the Color Rush jerseys as a lighter outline seemed to give a sort of shine to me. The main inspiration from the color choices in the striping came from the Jets color rush which is one of the best in the league in my opinion. While the green pants are shown with the home greens, that would be a rarity to with but the road whites could pair with the whites or greens.
  5. SplashBoogie

    Dallas Mavericks Rebrand // CrownCorvus

    Thanks for the feedback! First round of revisions coming up: Updated the primary logo to shrink the neck a bit and angle it in some. I didn't see necktie for the shadowing and then I couldn't unsee it so that got updated too. Other minor tweaks to the shadows were made as well. The wordmark was also updated to straighten out the points. To answer @DoctaC, I use a combination of Macromedia Fireworks 8 and Clip Paint Studio for the designs. Fireworks does on occasion round the outlines. I went in an just converted the text to vectors and adjusted them manually. Believe me it doesn't take a hard search on here to find me being pretty adamant against the Mavericks going back to a green scheme and for a good period of time in the building of this concept I had them stay as a double blue team but I like the pairing of the navy and green too much not to go forward with a throwback to the old scheme. I will say that the earlier drafts when I had it in royal and green did nearly make me stick with their current color scheme. Extra Update: I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use a green star on the City Uniform to help it pop more so I fixed that too during the revisions
  6. SplashBoogie

    Dallas Mavericks Rebrand // CrownCorvus

    It's soon to be a new day and age here in Dallas. We are rapidly approaching the end of the Dirk era and last season was the worst season for the Mavericks in 20 years. After a period that included 12 straight playoff appearances, 2 Southwest Titles, 2 Conference Championships and finally hoisting the Larry O' Brien with some revenge over the Miami Heat, it's time for the rebuild (whether Mark Cuban is willing to be fined to be so upfront about admitting it or not) With a new core of Dennis Smith, Jr , Harrison Barnes and Luka Dončić setting up the future for the Mavericks, now is a perfect time for the Dallas Mavericks to rebrand for the next chapter in our franchise's history The primary logo keeps the horse iconography but the horse is now holding his head high. This fixes the issue of the "emo horse" look for the current primary and distinguishes the team from other horse logos that are either charging forward (Denver Broncos) or have their head down midbuck (Boise State / 90s Detroit Pistons) The off center roundel wordmarking for the primary was inspired by the Boston Celtics and was done to give the primary logo a feeling of motion. Green returns as the primary color for the team at a slightly brighter green than from their inaugural season. The Navy used is the same shade as the current. The font, Melma Black, was chosen for its balance between solid shapes and slight western feeling. While I was tempted to modify the old M-hat logo, I wanted the secondary to use a capital D. The logo is inspired by 47Brand's hat which is too strong of a look to be left as an unofficial logo any longer. The new Association uniform brings the wordmark bold and out front. The Icon Uniform returns the Mavericks to a Green base team to unify them with their co-tenants at the AAC. Additionally using green as their primary dark uniform helps distinguish them from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The side striping takes inspiration from the logo of the jersey sponsor, American Airlines. Our current city uniform has "DAL" out front which is a name we never refer to ourselves by unless you're talking about Love Field. Of course, for obvious reasons, you can't put "Big D" in front of a NBA uniform. To compromise you have a modified version of the secondary logo alluding to this nickname. The striping for the logo and numbers take inspiration from the green neon lights in Downtown Dallas against the night sky. CC welcome
  7. SplashBoogie

    NBA Expansion Concepts - Team #2 - Louisville Colonels

    Seattle and Louisville have almost the exact same striping, just in different colors. I'd try something different from Louisville. The logo is a good idea but I'd look at the current NBA logos for inspiration on better shading and vectoring.
  8. SplashBoogie

    US Soccer Rebrand

    Alright then I would go with a lighter blue than Deep Navy because it isn't appreciably different from black. This looks more like a DC United rebrand than USA I like the additions to the Crest and how you tied it in on the pants but it doesn't read wings like I think you're going for. I might look at the Caps WEagle or reference a bald eagle in flight to refine that element
  9. SplashBoogie

    US Soccer Rebrand

    You say blue but this looks very much like black on my computer screen.
  10. SplashBoogie

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand | Update: NIKE Uniform Set

    Couple of things: 1) I would make the checkboard pattern either bigger or get rid of it all together. It's a little busy and I don't think it looks as well when shrunk as seen in vtgco's post 2) The new P motion lines make it look like it's retreating. Forward motion is to the right. 3) The Hoosier State Roundel and Indiana alternate are the strongest pieces in this redesign. I'm attached to Indy's Ball in P logo (phrasing) but I would buy shirts with those two logos on it quick fast and in a hurry. And last just a personal nitpick but do the Pacers really need silver as part of their scheme?
  11. SplashBoogie

    Memphis Grizzlies Appear to be Tweaking Logos

    From a boring logo to a even more boring logo. GG Memphis.
  12. SplashBoogie

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

    I'm back with Version 3 of the Rebrand! Let's start with the biggest change first The TB is now in Ocean Blue as is the outline of the sunburst. I think the starker contrast helps the sun and halo pop more. With the new primary logo we have some updates to the main set. Ask and ye shall receive, gold is now the Home Alternate Uniform, retiring the Ocean Blue Alt.
  13. SplashBoogie

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

    Updates v2 -Piping Added on all uniforms -Powder Blue is promoted to the main road -Addition of a 4th uniform with a Ocean Blue base. -Numbers shrunk slightly -Pant stripes slightly thicker.
  14. SplashBoogie

    Denver Nuggets new primary logo, quick concept

    It's not a bad logo but I don't like it more than what we got. Makes for a solid secondary imo
  15. In 2008, the Tampa Bay Rays dropped the Devil for a logo concept that could at best be considered conservative. Combined with the dull soup can that is Tropicana Field, this lead to uniforms and branding that is all together entirely too dark for a team invoking the sun. With a new stadium on the way and a new era of success (hopefully) on the horizon, now is the time to shift to a look that displays the bright future of the franchise in more ways than just the name. Sky Blue takes the stage as the new primary color of the team with Sunshine Gold as the main accent. This 1) brightens the team's look at 2) gives them a unique color combination not used by any current team as their primary look. The updated navy Ocean Blue, while absent from the primary logo, does appear in the The new logo proudly displays the TB backed by the golden sun of the Sunshine State. The Sun has a more traditional burst to it compared to the sparkle and carries on it nine points, one for each player on the field. Some rebrands of the Rays have them dropping the Bay in favor of just being the Tampa Rays and I've never thought that flowed well for starters and it alienates the team from the other area franchises. The Buccaneers, Lightning and Rowdies have all embraced the Bay and have been shown that love back. No matter where the new stadium is put, a team in this position needs to doing everything it can to rally the entire area under its banner. The cap takes inspiration from the old Expos but it meant to evoke the Sun breaking from behind clouds on a sunny day. (Or if you don't like rebrand speak, Powder Blue sidepanels with a gold bill just looks solid to me). The decision for a single cap was to keep the brand as simple as possible on the jump and of course BP options and the like would be added later. Taking a cue from one of my favorite uniforms, the home whites have the primary logo over the chest alone. The associated wordmark, while not appearing on the uniform, would be the main wordmark stripings for tickets, stadium branding etc. The road grays show the first use of Ocean Blue but you still get a sense of this being a Sky and Sun team and not another Navy and White squad. For the alternate uniform a lighter shade of the Sky Blue is used as the base which complemented the gold on top rather than a pure Sky base in which the gold was lost a little bit. Too much of a good thing.