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  1. MLB | Seattle Mariners Rebrand

    I think this is a great modernization of the Mariners brand and it's a solid set. That said it feels a little minor league to me. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but in the way minor league teams logos seem to skew toward more thick outlines and shapes like you have in this design compared to active MLB teams.
  2. RT @SethAbramson: Ya think? https://t.co/2O6eJf4itO

  3. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Seriously this. We were robbed of an instantly classic Super Bowl XXXI: We got Patriots-Packers but we could've had Jaguars-Panthers, that would've been amazing to see two 2nd year teams in the Super Bowl Super Bowl LI: Cowboys-Steelers or Cowboys-Patriots
  4. NFL fan stereotypes by team

    As a Bucs fan most of my interactions with other Bucs fans has been pleasant surprise there's more than one of us. I'd try to come up with a Patriots fan stereotype but there weren't any Patriots fans before 2003.
  5. RT @IndestrctiblCat: When you show up to your high school reunion https://t.co/t40fzpl63M

  6. Tampa Bay Lightning Tweak

    It may be a personal preference but I think I like the socks to match the pants. Pulled the striping from the road sleeves. True but for someone like me who uses low tech stuff for my concepts (Macromedia Fireworks 8. Yes, seriously) it's a way to see it in 3D and on ice against other NHL teams.
  7. But is the logo on both sides of the helmet 🤔🤔🤔
  8. RT @liliuhms: when u had low expectations for the direct but then nintendo came for ur ass https://t.co/RbUMu4vFBo

  9. Tampa Bay Lightning Tweak

    Och rookie mistake. Let's see if I can fix it from work on my phone
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning Tweak

    I've been messing around in NHL18 working on a custom league to post on the boards and as a break I decided to fix my favorite team (and hopefully future Stanley Cup Champion), the Tampa Bay Lightning. I like blue being the primary color but I'm sick to high heaven of the scrimmage jokes when they play Toronto. So black returns in a fairly prominent way
  11. They got a point. That's what matters. Move on and march on #GoStars https://t.co/nLkBTuCUhN

  12. The Return of Black for Black's Sake (UPDATE: Braves x2)

    Real talk I'd like to see a Tequila Sunrise BFBS Astros
  13. Funny thing is every time you confront a Confederate sympathizer with facts they just obliquely threaten you. "Wel… https://t.co/CQY1V9Hnjk

  14. RT @RawCharge: It is 2018 and anyone who has an issue about this needs to grow up. https://t.co/fz4R2qM0PF

  15. Don't trust people who think DC is better than Marvel