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  1. I'm team scarecrow as well awesome hettinger!
  2. hettinger_rl

    I'm with bucknut42 on this your doing great things with the B1G teams. I'm kinda hoping I could see all 14 be done, maybe like a series with this front profile theme I find it extremely interesting ! As for this latest gopher I like both of these I guess I would have to side more with V2 I'm personally drawn to. Just curious are you thinking of hiding the shape of Minnesota on this guy like Michigan and Minnesota?
  3. The second Preds post is defiantly better than the first. From the rest of the posts it might be just me but the nose or whiskers/cheek area look off to me a little bit..
  4. derschwigg

    I feel an old Golden State Warriors logo here. Is that what you kinda wanted to go for?
  5. Since there isn't much black in it have you thought about possibly changing the black of the cardinal on the helmet to blue? Kinda interested to see how it would look.
  6. Wow it turned out great. I can't wait to see the sketches as well!
  7. I really like warm up and throwback jersey ideas. I'm excited to see the rest! Any news on Shell Stadium?
  8. Wow!! So much of your stuff is amazing, especially your stadiums some i wish i could see what it would look like in and out of the stadium. Keep it up!!!
  9. I really like what you've done here keep it up. But please DO NOT use any red for the Pirates, just stick with the black and gold.