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  1. It looks much stronger with the (Black with no script) versus White (with no script). At least now the Cap logo matches the Primary.
  2. As someone born with a lifelong diagnosis, these are the people who inspire me.

  3. @YouBeeBeeWhy how else do you watch Pee Wee Herman?

  4. RT @Bungie: Vosik has challenged you Guardians. This is not a drill.

  5. It's been 2 years since my last tweets. Now there is two, how do you all do?

  6. Better play some Sabbath as their goal song. It's perfect.
  7. Uh...Raw was taped for years...Hence why WCW could spoil Mick Foley's title change. WCW was live. WWE was not.
  8. @K2theIzzo This is perfect

  9. The fact the locker nameplate is written in sharpie pretty much sums up their chances of long term survival. Or the fact that week to week guys get "called up" to the NFL, or just leave.
  10. Wow. From being "the chosen one" and an Intercontinental champion to being the backup goalie for a minor league team. He's fallen pretty far. He even went to TNA, *gasp*
  11. Because they only have "one" logo.
  12. I always listened to either WLUP or The Drive. When I was a youngin' it was Wiil Rock out of Waukesha. Mandatory Metallica Mondays was my thing. WIIL Rock is out of Kenosha and sucks. Music for high school weight rooms. Right! Kenosha, sorry for the brain fart. It was back during my Middle School days in the early 00's. Where they played more Classic Hard Rock than contemporary. I don't know what they play now. They took the station from the SW burbs. and put it on an off dial channel. So to get back on topic: I really like the Rays Fauxbacks. For a team with a "young" history. They have a lot of imagination. In 20 years those rainbow gradients will be a true throwback when they are 40 years old.
  13. I'm surprised Omaha isn't coming back. Seemed like their charter franchise.
  14. As a Bulls fan, I'd be happy to see them lose the basketball at midcourt. Also, I've never found their stain color to be visually pleasing. I'd like to see them go with a slightly darker court, but not really dark like the crap the Wolves have used. Also, they could use the actual team wordmarks on the endlines. You know what? They should just go back entirely to the design and colors from the Chicago Stadium court. I'd also like to see the bulls lose the basketball. It's kind of dated now, and the design is very dated all together.