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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    3 17 1
  2. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    14 6 8
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves: NBA Concepts by honeybadger

    Really like that first black alt for the Magic.
  4. My Raptors logo.

    I like it, but I think it could work better if the ball was the same gray as the font.
  5. EnSleeving the NBA

    Only thing I could think of that hasn't been mentioned before is that maybe have the bridge on the jersey sleeve be opposite of the one on the shorts. Aside from that, these are some really great unis you thought up here. Probably most fond of the Cavs set with the nod to their prevous navy alts.
  6. Pro Wrestling Championship Belt Thread 2.0

    The third generation of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship is still one of my favorites. That it was replaced with the previous variant of the IWGP title when Brock left New Japan made me enjoy this version so much more. I've also been fond of Magnum TA's North American Title and, for similar reasons the Lucha Underground Gift of The Gods Championship
  7. Sporting Kansas City Uniform Concept

    I really like the Primary Kit. It is a bit difficult to notice the argyle pattern in the secondary.
  8. Cartoon Network Soccer Logos

    I like the idea of doing a Rick & Morty team, I just need to nail down a location of the club. After taking some suggestions from a friend, I have updated the Beach City logo by downscaling the title and adding some highlights to the shell. There's also an alternative version with the pearl of the gemstones located in the center in order to have an equal distribution of weight between the stones atop the border.
  9. Cartoon Network Soccer Logos

    Consistency has not been one of my strong suits, I'm afraid. Regardless, the most recent crest I've done was of Beach City. Admittedly, One of the things that held me up about this piece was committing to a color scheme. In the show, there is more often than not a vibrant palette throughout the episodes, which I have been fond of. However, the colors I would go to out the gate, I have used similar for Townsville and Nowhere. When I was researching the location, I did notice a city logo in the corner of this map . Seeing this made a great jumping off point, using the color scheme and more official design to form the crest. Avoiding to make the crest about the show's main characters, I've added the gemstones within the cutout border as a nod to their part in the location's protection.
  10. NHL Hitz Expansion Project - (27/60) PARIS NATIONALES (5/03/2017)

    I really like the use of the meanders for the Immortals set!
  11. Crossover Series - NHL Football

    I really like this template you have set up! Also a big fan of the Av's, Kings, and Blackhawks sets!
  12. The MLB According to FinsUp: At-Bat - San Diego

    I really like the D-Backs and Astros designs! If anything, I think the 90s Astros logo for the team name across the could be trimmed a bit.
  13. AndesMts FC Kits

    They look good! I would keep the crest for the white kit or make the current logo a little bit smaller.