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  1. concept

    @cjm3114jr By your original post I thought that you couldn't see the image, but yeah I see what you meant.
  2. concept

    That would be the opposite helmet decal, the bird is flipped...Lol. Seriously though the B is correct.
  3. team reveal

    I appreciate the kind words, as well as, the proofread. You're 100% correct and I do know the difference. I went back through I saw multiple instances in which I did this repeatedly. Shaking my own head, lol. My high school teacher wouldn't have been as kind as you. The good thing is these aren't final reveals. I will have an opportunity to redeem myself. Once I'm finished with all 24 team reveals, I will go back and make copy edits and design alterations. At that point, I will post final team slicks and more to wrap up this project.
  4. concept

    I felt the same, but I painted myself into a corner there. I wanted the sleeve caps to match the pants, but after removing the navy from the bolt, there was less separation. I may have to move the numbers to the shoulders which would give some breathing room. I could then move the bolts to the white and away from the gold caps.