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  1. @neo_prankster & @CheeseBurger22 Here's the layout for the transition to dual 12-team leagues. I revised it from the original idea to maintain balance in the conferences. I'm will be adding a new wrinkle to this which I will reveal latter. Hint, you may notice that each team has an inaugural 2025 season schedule. At the moment, final team slicks for the 2025 inaugural season continue. *EDIT* 2 POINTS DEDUCTED FOR GRAMMAR. TOO LAZY TO FIX.
  2. If you are new to this thread and you say to yourself, this looks like the old Arena franchise, please read this.
  3. Really nice. I think you can work the polygon into the D, R and/or O's on the primary. Just a thought.
  4. @sleuthpanther I felt the same about the red on red at first. The more that I looked the better that it looked to my eyes. I originally went with gold, but I felt that was too predictable. The red on red is unique to the Thunderbirds in that sense. I set the league up to be flexible where uniform combinations are concerned. Teams can wear whatever sets that they chose. Color on color is totally encouraged. As for the stripes, I see those as more of an extension of the belt. Again, different, unique to the T-Birds. After the finals are all said and done, I may come back to some of these. Maybe... I started this in 2013. I took a long break and now I'm closing in another year. We shall see!
  5. Tulsa has a good look. The primary just needs some line work and an alternate logo will be hatched. Overall, thumbs up. The Wings are another favorite. I really dig the color scheme. The helmet my be tweaked, but this is good to go. That's a wrap on things to do. The final team slicks will begin soon.
  6. One of my favorites. The logotype needs some refinement, but overall, thumbs up. Going the right direction. I don't like the number font and the stripes need to be pulled back a bit. Color scheme fits well. Thumbs up.
  7. Bats! Really like the color scheme. The primary works well. The logotype needs some refinement. The secondary needs more work. The number font isn't quite there yet. Overall, thumbs up. Not much to do on this one. Like everything about it. My only nitpick is the number font. Thumbs up.
  8. I like the clean, modern style of the Explorers. I think the logotype and number font needs a slight tweak toward the modern look as well. Love the color scheme. Thumbs up. The Stangs are bold. The primary needs more definition. The logotype is close, but needs some work The color scheme is on point. Thumbs up.
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