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  1. OhiOsFan17

    Austin MLS Concept

  2. These are great. The number font you used is far better that the weird digital clock font they currently have.
  3. OhiOsFan17

    March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    UMBC could use some updated unis. Any chance you do those?
  4. OhiOsFan17

    MLB by NIKE

    Respect the cartoon bird! Other than that, the only other thing I'm not a fan of is numbers on the front of a jersey in any capacity. Still, these are both personal preferences, so solid work all around.
  5. OhiOsFan17

    NFL, but Australian rules

    I resent the fact that there is no Baltimore club. Nice work, though.
  6. It looks great! However, the NCAA recognizes the Buckeyes as national champs for 1954 and 1957. Would you be able to add those? And yes, I'd like the Syracuse Nationals' championship left out. Sorry for not responding sooner.
  7. Hey, Could I get: - Orioles' championships, AL titles, AL East titles, and Wild Cards - Baltimore Colts' NFL championships and Super Bowl championship - Ravens' Super Bowl championships and AFC North titles - Flyers' Stanley Cup championships - 76ers' NBA championships - Ohio State football's national championships - UNC basketball's national championships Thanks a lot!