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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I gotcha on that concern. I feel like it might be even blobbier if the numbers are stroked with a light blue outline, but that might just be me. I'm not the biggest fan of how that looks on their current set and actually prefer the Avalanche's number treatment.
  2. On to the Jets... While I do like Winnipeg's current look, it's a bit disjointed (hem/arm striping mismatched). I aimed to fix that issue with their two primaries. Pride jersey brings back to life the "Winnipeg White Out" and the Honor jersey is a more accurate version of their current heritage jerseys.
  3. On to the Oilers... Primaries are essentially modernized fixes to their current set (c ya @navy). Pride jersey is also close to a fix to their current, really bad alternate. Honor pays homage to the OG Edmonton Oilers of the WHA, which they've essentially worn already.
  4. Oh snap! Totally missed that, good catch! Just updated the post with the corrected pants lol
  5. Big fan of the two main marks you made, I could totally see a series being done around that sort of idea
  6. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! On to Minnesota... Primaries are a combination of a few eras (thinking current road, previous third, etc.) and create more unity across both sets. Pride jersey is a simplification of my color rush concept from a while back, and the honor uniform throws it back to the Wild's original third jerseys and the first time they wore red in the early 2000's.
  7. On to Jersey... I wanted to toe the line between mixing classic and modern for Jersey. Their current unis have really grown on me, but I wanted to go in a slightly different direction with these.
  8. On to Boston... Cleaned up the shoulders on the primaries to not make them so bulgy and got rid of the shoulder patch. The striping on the road is more bold now. Pride jersey is a new take on their previously worn WC uniforms with their updated "B" logo. Honor uniform pays homage to their inaugural 1924 team and is a more accurate version of their 2nd WC uniform.
  9. On to Ottawa... The updated 2D logo is finally the primary mark! It really doesn't make a ton of sense as to why Ottawa hasn't moved towards this type of look yet. Pride jersey is barberpole inspired with the simple O as the crest. Honor jersey resurrects the Heritage Classic jerseys of 2014. Went with this one over their previous alternate/heritage uniform because a second black jersey would've been overkill.
  10. Nah gonna hold off on them until they actually reveal their team colors and logos
  11. Let's go cross-state to check out the Panthers... When will the Panthers stick that awesome, updated leaping panther on the front of their uniforms? Tried mixing old and new for their primary look and deepened the red to more of a maroon. Pride jersey is a take on the sunshine state flag. Honor jersey throws it back to their inaugural set when they made the Cup Final in 1996.