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  1. Definitely thinking reverse retro. I doubt they swap the red breezers for blue, that's been a franchise-long staple.
  2. Really disappointed in Columbus' anniversary logo
  3. Oh boy that arm piping is hot hot hot I like the idea of having two sets of pants for Vegas
  4. The numbers on the 1960's uniforms had a yellow stroke Now for the logo on the sleeves of the two primaries I see your point, but their logo isn't reversible.
  5. Up next: Minnesota Vikings (purple and white pants on the primary uniforms are interchangeable)
  6. Good call on that, I appreciate the feedback! In a good way or bad way? Lol
  7. Keep in mind the pants are all interchangeable for this set
  8. I used the same font that the Nashville Predators use (minus the guitar strings)
  9. Thanks! For the Bears' striping, I wanted to make it consistent across the pants and helmet with white never touching the orange. I think I'm gonna leave it as-is, but thank you for the feedback!
  10. Next up: Baltimore Ravens *Reminder that all pant options are interchangeable
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