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  1. On to Florida... From Icethetics: It makes too much sense for Florida to finally embrace their underutilized updated leaping cat logo. It's a great mark. With the addition of the stick/palm tree/sun logo to the helmets this season, I'm thinking that they are going to modernize their old navy thirds.
  2. On to Ottawa... From Icethetics: More like something borrowed. I can't see Ottawa unveiling a completely new design considering they are planning to overhaul their identity within the next two years. I'm betting that they just bring back their previous heritage jersey and adapt it to the Adizero template.
  3. That sharks set is worlds better than what they’re currently wearing
  4. Let's move on to Vegas... From Icethetics: https://www.icethetics.com/jerseywatch My prediction:
  5. Let's move on to the Heritage Class... From Icethetics: https://www.icethetics.com/jerseywatch My prediction:
  6. Totally forgot that Carolina is debuting their new road uni tomorrow, so here is my prediction based off of the teaser video they posted! Same gloves/pants/helmet treatment as before, now the collar treatment is consistent with the homes. Seems like they're looking to simplify the home.
  7. Decided to continue with this thread by posting some predictions for the upcoming year and beyond. Let's start with the Sabres since we know that they will be bringing back royal blue full-time again.
  8. That alternate is hot. My only gripe with the set as a whole is the number font, I think a plain block font without the spokes would look cleaner. Overall a nice looking set for the Sharks and a major upgrade to what they currently wear.
  9. Haha let’s just wait and see what their visual identity looks like first
  10. Thanks! Here's to hoping the NHL/Adidas get this year's game right with two teams that don't necessarily have that classic look
  11. Edit......decided to continue this thread as a space for predictions for the upcoming NHL season (and beyond) to not clutter up the forum with another new topic With a few different alternate jerseys being leaked over the weekend, maybe we'll get a glimpse of what the Winter Classic jerseys will look like sooner rather than later. Thought I'd take a stab at predicting what we'll see on New Years Day... Dallas' is based off of a few of the Texans' variations in uniform style, and Nashville's is a fauxback paying homage to the Flying Dixies of the EHL. C&C appreciated, enjoy!
  12. Thank you! The template I used for this series was a photoshopped stock image from meigray's game worn program. Took a lot of work to fix one of their jerseys up and make it into a blank template that's editable. Thanks Heitert!
  13. I'd ditch the cream on the home jersey, it seems out of place when placed side-by-side with the road white uni. I'd buy that alternate jersey in a heartbeat!