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  1. Great stuff on Columbus and Montreal, Lucas
  2. Fix up the area right below the collar, it looks like the clone/stamp tool you used isn't blended together with the body of the jersey completely As for the concept, yours is much much better than what the Monsters currently wear. Really nice idea!
  3. Wow. That's all I can say about your logos and branding. Wow.
  4. Getting there. One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is how distinct the difference is between the cuffs and the rest of the sleeves. Probably has to do with the seam/stitching. Also where the shoulder yoke meets with the rest of the sleeve is a bit rough.
  5. Ooooh very nice stuff. Could you do CBJ home/road/alternate, OSU football home #7, OSU road #2, Cincinnati Reds #19
  6. Fix your TV numbers on the road and alt
  7. Those ASG jerseys are going to be miles better than what the NHL/Adidas reveals tomorrow
  8. Sorry for the delay everyone, got busy with finishing up finals/the semester for grad school and traveling a bit over break. Finally had some time to continue working on this series. Up next... Florida Panthers C&C appreciated!
  9. The front of the jerseys seem so bare. I would add the Tennessee star mark to the chest (similar to the Steelers' current jersey).
  10. I really like what you did with the Giants. That cream jersey would look fantastic on the ice.
  11. It was, but it was also tapered. @AndrewMLind you have any thoughts?
  12. Could be something, probably is nothing, but this official Nike shirt has Ohio State’s 2011 pro combat helmet on the design... https://www.buckeyecorner.com/style/2019-NCAA-Mens-Bound-Helmet-T-Shirt/21101545 wouldn’t be surprised if they wore the 1961 Rose Bowl uniforms for the game https://goo.gl/images/D3hVKN
  13. I like the idea behind the Bengals' unis, I would just make the numbers plain white and black (or you could sublimate the tiger stripes and lower the opacity to like 10%)