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  1. Oh boy that arm piping is hot hot hot I like the idea of having two sets of pants for Vegas
  2. The numbers on the 1960's uniforms had a yellow stroke Now for the logo on the sleeves of the two primaries I see your point, but their logo isn't reversible.
  3. Up next: Minnesota Vikings (purple and white pants on the primary uniforms are interchangeable)
  4. Good call on that, I appreciate the feedback! In a good way or bad way? Lol
  5. Keep in mind the pants are all interchangeable for this set
  6. I used the same font that the Nashville Predators use (minus the guitar strings)
  7. Anything on Green Bay before I move on to Minnesota?
  8. Thanks! For the Bears' striping, I wanted to make it consistent across the pants and helmet with white never touching the orange. I think I'm gonna leave it as-is, but thank you for the feedback!
  9. Next up: Baltimore Ravens *Reminder that all pant options are interchangeable
  10. Really really well done. Awesome project!
  11. TTUN's ugly ass uniforms have nothing to do with MY concept thread, or the Steelers for that matter. Cool.
  12. Thanks!! I hear ya, it's actually the same font the Browns use on their new uniforms