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  1. I don't know if anyone cares about this, but to me, the NCAA is very screwed up to me. Well, at least what I consider the Big 4 sports (football, basketball, hockey, and baseball). With that in mind, I've decided to overhaul everything in the NCAA pertaining to these sports - regular season and playoffs. -FOOTBALL- This is probably the sport that will get the most overhaul. -REGULAR SEASON- 12-game season 8 conference games Each team rotates between teams, stadiums, and divisions over the years. For example: In 2015, Alabama would play divisional games against A&M, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. The A&M, LSU, and Ole Miss games would be at home, and the other 3 would be away. Two games would be held against opposite-division opponents: Missouri and Tennessee. The Mizzou game is at home. In 2016, the schedule would be reversed. Every game that was a home game the last year is now an away, and vice versa. In 2017, the divisional schedule would be identical to that in 2015, but the non-division opponents would be South Carolina and Kentucky. SC game is at home 2018--same thing. The Kentucky game is at home now. Throughout the next 4 years, the entire East Division is now covered, and the cycle would reset in 2022 when they play Georgia (the last team in this cycle) and Missouri (the first team in this cycle). Opposite-division cycles are decided on by the conference. 4 out-of conference games Every conference has a "priority" list - a list of conferences that will be first in line to host games against the conference. The SEC priority list: Big Ten Pac-12 Big 12 ACC American Mountain West C-USA MAC Sun Belt This means that if this started beginning in 2018, then Alabama would play more Big Ten games in the first year. 3 games against the conference at the top of the list (examples: Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin) 1 game against the conference next on the list (example: Stanford) Out of conference games do not require home and home series With all these rules in mind, the Alabama 2018 schedule would be: @ Texas A&M Auburn @ LSU Arkansas @ Ole Miss Mississippi State @ South Carolina Kentucky Michigan @ Nebraska @ Wisconsin Stanford Sound good? -PLAYOFFS- Okay, this is where things may get controversial. I am dramatically upscaling the importance of polls. While the AP and Coaches' polls will still remain, they will be more of a ranking system rather than a straight-up system to determine a national champion. To determine the playoff field, then a new, NCAA-owned poll will be established. I'll call it the Playoff Poll. Like the others, it will rank the top 25 teams, which determines the playoff field. Top 25 teams will be in the playoffs Bottom two teams (#24 and #25) will play a play-in game to determine the #24 seed Top 8 teams will get a first-round bye First and second rounds will be held at campus sites Elite Eight rounds are held at predetermined neutral sites Semifinals are 2/6 of the NY6 bowl games Final is held at a predetermined site Does that work? Well, this has been the longest write-up ever. I'll wait a bit to do the other three sports.
  2. -BASKETBALL- I have very little changes for this, but these are the most important: Remove the First Four from the postseason Try to lessen the amount of true at-large bids by prioritizing teams that won the regular season but not the tournament, teams in average conferences that had good records, etc. -REGULAR SEASON- 36 games total Split 50/50 between in-conference and out of conference In-conference games Like the football out-of-conference games, a priority list exists for a team to determine the teams that they will play Example list for Alabama: Auburn Georgia LSU Tennessee Mississippi State Ole Miss Texas A&M Arkansas Kentucky Missouri Vanderbilt South Carolina Florida 9 home-and home series against the top 9 teams in the list Repeat the next year Out of conference games The 32 conferences are broken into 4 "tiers" to help determine the out-of-conference game Tier I: American, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, C-USA, Mountain West, Pac-12, SEC Tier II: MAC, Sun Belt, Big Sky, CAA, Big East, Ivy League, SoCon, Summit League Tier III: Patriot, Big South, NEC, Southland, MEAC, Ohio Valley, SWAC, Missouri Valley Tier IV: America East, A-Sun, A-10, Big West, Horizon League, MAAC, WCC, WAC 10 games against Tier I opponents (1 game per conference in addition to a home-and-home series against one of the conferences; rotates every year) 4 games against Tier II and III (1 game per conference; 4 conferences faced switch every year) 4 games against Tier IV (1 game per conference; 3 conferences faced rotate every year) -POSTSEASON- Aside from the proposed ending of the First Four, I want to put a sort of regional system currently used in the D1 baseball tournament. Instead of four geographic regions of 16 teams each, there are 16 regionals hosted at camous sites (for example, Boise State would host a regional at Taco Bell Arena). With that, the tourney becomes similar to the baseball tourney, but it is not double elimination. Thoughts?
  3. I did 25 for a few reasons: 25 is a nice, round number in the terms of polls and it seems like the further down the ranks you get, the more similar in skill you are. It'd seem strange that not every ranked team gets a playoff berth, and because the #24 and #25 teams are arguably equal in skill, it would be a nice precursor to the main postseason. The FCS playoffs already have 24 teams, so it makes sense that the FBS would be able to so the same. As for the schedule, I wanted to have every team play the same amount of games. If a team with 9 games played 4 non-conference game, they would play 13, more than the 8-game conference teams. I like the new ideas you had, though.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship Examples

    Sponsored bowl games. I don't care what money says, my hometown Cotton Bowl will NOT be called the Goodyear Cotton Bowl.
  5. College Hockey Teams

    Hello, everyone! Sorry about that long absence there. But anyway, I've gotten into designing a few concepts for college hockey teams, and here are some I've done: Miami (FL) Illinois Nevada Thoughts?
  6. The Hockey Project

    I don't really know why I'm doing this. I have planned to create an entire hockey "association" with a North American major league, minor and junior leagues, European leagues, national teams, and an entire website on Google for the North American league. I know that this is a HUGE undertaking for just myself, but I do have plans to try and mitigate this that I will fully reveal at a later time. Here's the game plan: 36 teams in a North American league (names, logos, uniforms, and a history for the league and its teams) This league will get its own site in the near future that will receive constant updates as I complete teams 200+ teams in a minor league system (a large pool of affiliates that affiliated teams will be able to call up and send down; think the current MiLB) (names only; with a smaller history than the major league) An as-of-yet undetermined junior league with an as-of-yet unknown amount of teams (likely cities only plus a rundown of how the junior leagues work in relation to the minors and majors) 6 or 7 European leagues; with one large primary league (like the KHL) with the rest being national/regional leagues (names, logos, and jerseys) National teams; don"t quite know how many countries I will do and which of those I will pick (logos and jerseys) The first team of the major league will ideally be up tomorrow, and I hope to have the site done over the weekend. Hope you'll enjoy this massive project!
  7. Indeed. If Morocco wins, I wonder what they’ll do.
  8. I hate to admit it, but Dallas isn’t probably going to make it very far with this kind of skid they’ve had lately. And either way, they have to beat Nashville or Vegas. So yeah, no partying like it’s 1999 in Texas.
  9. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Cubs vs. Astros last season would have been fun to watch, I think.
  10. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    The SPHL is like that one uncle you have at a family reunion that you never remember exists until someone points him out
  11. Texas Tech beat Florida in a super close game...so that happened. Also, my bracket’s busted because I had Tennessee going to the final and well...you know. UMBC plays again tonight, so that’s cool. Hope they keep this bracket-busting streak alive.
  12. The Hockey Project

    And this is the second team, the Calgary Mavericks! Also, per request from @Whittier S, I will, from now on, upload a new team 3 times a week, with updates once a week to all the teams that need them. Thanks!
  13. The Hockey Project

    And I'm back...well, sort of. I am currently getting the next team done and it will be on here in about half an hour, but I wanted to get the new Seabirds on here first. CHANGES: Gold brightened and silver darkened to improve contrast between colors Maroon added as a tertiary color Wordmark updated Alternate logos cleaned up a bit Primary changed to make it look more like a "seabird" See you back here in half an hour, I guess.
  14. The Hockey Project

    Hi everyone! Sorry about my extended absence—I was on Spring Break and I was unable to get WiFi working on my laptop, and I had little time to work on concepts. (BTW, I was still able to access the site because my phone had data) I plan to upload the updates to Vancouver and the next team tomorrow, but I will postpone the site until I have more teams made. Thanks for your patience!
  15. What do you use to simulate them?
  16. What Final Four Court is the bomb

    I agree. You should have started out by talking about your favorites.
  17. Just wait. We all can be patient.
  18. The Hockey Project

    I think that is somewhat of an overestimation, but thanks for the positive feedback!
  19. The Hockey Project

    About one a day, with maybe some skips here and there. Not frequent, though.
  20. The Hockey Project

    Thanks! I'll make the adjustments. Thanks as well! Thank you for suggestion, but I do have pretty much every name of the major league created by now. I'll keep the Razors name for the minors, though. Thanks again!
  21. The Hockey Project

    I decided to go ahead and get the first team up on here. This is the Vancouver Seabirds:
  22. Whenever I go to the Templates page on the forums, I see a lot made by Roger Clemente. Only one problem: all of the links don't work. What happened to him, and if his templates are still out there, can someone direct me there?
  23. Templates Requests

    Anyone have a decent soccer uniform template?
  24. 2018-19 Utah Jazz "City" Uniforms concept

    Not bad. Good concepts for two different Jazz color schemes. Good work!
  25. Unpopular Opinions

    I don't mind the Sens post-2007 logos. They're not perfect, but they aren't as terrible as fans make it out to be.