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  1. I did all the work, as far, as finding the clip art or logos themselves and putting them on a helmet I created and tweaking them. I said that not all of the artwork was mine, such as the logos I used from past teams.I did state the helmets I created, logo, helmet, and all. As far as giving credit to the guys who did the work....that would be me. As far as the designs themselves that I borrowed, I don't know who originally designed those logos, so I just stated that they were not originally designed by me. So I have a program that is very probably primitive called GIMP. I used GIMP to create these helmets. I really have no experience in graphic arts or available programs. I would love to create uniforms and such but have no program or knowledge of how to do such. ..maybe others would like to take a shot at that...I would appreciate rendering efforts from anyone interested whatever that even means haha. Thanks for your thoughts about them, and I am always trying to make them better so I appreciate all comments on how. Finally, I wanted to put the names of the teams with the helmets and made several attempts to but in the end, couldn't figure out how to...so you can see I am no expert.
  2. My original designs include, San Jose Seadevils, San Francisco Samurai, Chicago Wind, Birmingham Fire, Orlando Sun, and then some of the others, the Ontario Gryphons, Omaha Mammoths, Boise Kanagroos, Washington Federals, and the Dallas Armadillos I took a design I saw on the web, and made changes to them to better suite what I wanted the designs to look like, on my helmets. Then I placed them in stadiums that were mostly in the 20-35 thousand seat range, suitable for a minor league, if not a little to large perhaps. I think the Major League Soccer stadiums would be the right idea for such a league. I tried to choose cities that didn't have the NFL even in their state, or least moved them to the suburbs if that wasn't possible to smaller venues. I would love to see a league like this that pays homage to some of the great logos from defunct league, as well as exciting new ones.
  3. Northwest Division Boise Kangaroos-Albertsons Stadium, Boise,ID. (37,000) Montana Rams- Wash.-Grizzly Stadium, Missoula, MT. (26,352) Portland Seahawks- Providence Park, Portland, OR (21,144) Spokane Beavers - Martin Field, Pullman, WA. (35,117) Utah Stallions- Maverik Stadium, Logan,UT. (22,059) Vancouver Puffins- B.C.Place Stadium, Vancouver, B.C (22,120) Pacific Division Honolulu Seals - Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI (50,000) Long Beach Piranhas- StubHub Center, Carson, CA. (30,000) Reno Sabercats-Mackay Stadium, Reno,NV. (33,391) San Diego Lizards - SDCCU Stadium, San Diego, CA (35,000) San Francisco Samurai-AT&T Park, San Francisco,CA. (41,915) San Jose Seadevils- Avaya Stadium, San Jose, CA. (20,979) Great Plains Division Fargo Stampeders- Fargodome, Fargo, ND (20,000) Minnesota Ducks- TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. (50,805) temporary Omaha Mammoths- TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha, NB. (24,000) South Dakota Stags- Dykhouse Stadium, Brookings, South Dakota (19,340) Winnipeg Penguins-Investors Group Field, Winnipeg, MT. (33,500) Wyoming Bison- War Memorial Stadium, Laramie, WY. (32,583) Southwest Division Dallas Armadillos- Apogee Stadium, Denton,TX. (30,850) Denver Wolverines- CSU Stadium, Ft.Collins, CO. (41,200) New Mexico Aliens - Aggie Stadium, Las Cruces,NM. (30,343) Oklahoma Tribe -Chapman Stadium, Tulsa, OK (30,000) San Antonio Bulls-Bobcat Stadium, San Marcos,TX. (33.006) Texas Rattlers- Sun Bowl, El Paso, TX. (50,000) Central Division Akron Invaders -Infocision Stadium, Akron, OH. (30,000) Chicago Wind-Toyota Park, Bridgeville, IL. (20,000) Kansas City Comets- Childrens Mercy Park, Kansas City, KS. (21,650) Michigan Panthers-Waldo Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI. (30,200) Ontario Griffins - Tim Horton's Field, Hamilton, ON. (24,000) St. Louis Devils-The Dome at America's Center, St. Louis, MO. (35,000) Southeast Division Birmingham Fire- JSU Stadium, Jacksonville, AL. (24,000) Carolina Crows-Kidd Brewer Stadium, Boone, NC. (31,531) Florida Neptunes-FAU Stadium, Boca Raton,FL. (30,000) Mississippi Tigers-M M Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg, MS. (36,000) Myrtle Beach Dolphins-Brooks Stadium, Conway, SC (20,000) Orlando Sun-Orlando City Stadium, Orlando, FL. (25,500) Atlantic Division Boston Breakers -Harvard Stadium, Boston,MA. (30,000) Hartford Whales-Rentschler Stadium, Hartford ,CT. (40,000) Montreal Dragons- Percival Molson Stadium, Montreal, QU. (25,012) New York Gargoyles- Michie Stadium, West Point, NY. (40,000) Virginia Galaxy-Bridgeforth Stadium, Harrionburg, VA. (25,012) Washington Federals- Audi Field, Buzzards Point, WA. DC (20,000)
  4. I'm new to this and am having trouble finding a way to download my helmets
  5. welcome to my ideas of a minor league for football. Note; this league brings back many of the defunct logos of the past, a few are my creations, most are not. There are seven divisions of six teams each. Northwest Division- Boise Kangaroos, Montana Rams, Portland Seahawks, Spokane Beavers, Utah Stallions, Vancouver Puffins Pacific Division- Honolulu Seals, Long Beach Piranhas, Reno Sabercats, San Diego Lizards, San Francisco Samurai, San Jose Seadevils Great Plains Division- Fargo Stampeders, Minnesota Ducks, Omaha Mammoths, South Dakota Stags, Winnipeg Penguins, Wyoming Bison Southwest Division- Dallas Armadillos, Denver Wolverines, New Mexico Aliens, Oklahoma Tribe, San Antonio Bulls,Texas Rattlers Central Division- Akron Invaders, Chicago Wind, Kansas City Comets,Michigan Panthers, Ontario Gryphons, St. Louis Devils Southeast Division- Birmingham Fire, Carolina Crows, Florida Neptunes, Mississippi Tigers, Myrtle Beach Dolphins, Orlando Sun Atlantic Division- Boston breakers, Hartford Whales, Montreal Dragons, New York Gargoyles, Virginia Galaxy, Washington Federals