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  1. Template-wise some teams varied on having that v notch on the lower sides of the shorts. The Lakers for example had the v notch as the only uni change around 1971. Your template isn't able to show that or even the side panel color. I would also bump up the length difference between the pre/post Jordan era shorts, I hardly noticed it here. With jersey cuts that interesting too. The classic NY nets style jersey didn't have standard piping so it kept that old school skinny shoulder strap vibe into the 80s. Later on they just had standard piping that matched the jersey color. Really depends on the team. My fav sources for accuracy are getty images (not always reliable for dates) and game used auction sites. And YoooouTube vids. I'm doing a project like this but it includes that specific player wearing the uni. Now that's a bitch to do.....
  2. If I read it right the seats seem to small yea. Absolute minimum, and we're talking olde time ebbets field era would be like 1'5". There's a Yankee stadium centric graphic online that gives the old and modern ranges. Obviously newer seats are wider. But hey nice seats. Seem familiar! For an actual critique. I'd say cause I'm a stadium nerd, grandstand looks too similar to Haymarket stadium in Nebraska...... And well....not wierd enough. It's a lifestyle not a slogan YeaaaaaaHhh Presentation is tip top. Great work. Need more. Gimme more. Give us all more.
  3. wat. Pau was here longer than Wilt and won double the championships. wat. ........wat?
  4. Man this series is quite a trip. I'm glad you're still pumping them out. Since i'm a history buff and an LA native the prep for your history capsules def pop out to me.
  5. the main problem i see is that you drew a generic pirate ship and decided to shoehorn clipper branding on it. i dont read this as a clipper ship; its got arrr matey pirate galleon/carrack lines to it. clippers never had an elevated poop (rear) deck cause they were built for speed. beyond that i couldnt tell you if the sails were accurate or not. im not sure of the functions of the lines on the ship either. its not detail so i guess their there to infuse an abstract vibe? movement lines? id take a cue from your successful water elements. the 2nddary logo.....the main mast is basically a log, but on the primary its a stiletto knife shape. no uniformity? either way no rigging or observation platforms. not a complete dealbreaker, but if you wanna go minimalist you need to sell the impression that the mast and the sail are a unit, not one thing superimposed on another. btw why would we be looking down at the sail (since we can see the blunt top of the mast)....was the attempt to inject volume into the element worth it? (at the expense of ones usual viewing angle being below the sails) in a world where the clips were actually wearing nautical signal flags on the side of their shorts that spell out the team name... its the details that count. and well you asked for C&C hotdamnit
  6. nice to see someone else pushing sketchup stadiums. actual critique, em... - 1839 means more to austin than the club im guessing so not like schalke 04 ..... that can go. boo forced lineage! - bonus points for not using an old west font.... but this font pretty bland even if its a spartan manly vibe youre going for . - im a fan of mannequin style kit template so you can see it in use. putting that aside, flooding the background color buries the impact of the kit design for me. - austin is pretty artsy liberal so id expect an anti-cookie cutter stadium e.g. crazy roofline quirky stands or a batcave. for the baaaats!! keep austin weird! good on ya for the 3d seating. thats a bitch to make. twilight render....interesting......
  7. 50% of my actual name. And Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketchup....and holycrap these pics came out jpeg artifacted.
  8. Howdy! Another crack at this I shall be taking. Less bogged down in historical minutiae and more designer-rific content. Kits, logos, stadiums! With that said, here's some.....historical minutiae ..... Historically, the Pacific Electric Railway Co. was primarily a Los Angeles area land development scheme. Profits came from the PE shareholders routing rail lines through their land holdings to facilitate development. Passenger service alone never made a profit. Fictitiously, creating a sports league to provide attractions along PE routes would encourage development and fill the trolley cars on match days. In the beginning there was the Pacific Electric Football League, and it was very good. So good that another organization, the Trolley League, established clubs at stops along the PE routes. For decades the two leagues had a handshake agreement implementing a promotion/relegation system and a unified league cup. Occasionally friction erupted, like with the transfer freeze of 1924, yet eventually the two leagues became a single entity in 1949. When land development declined, the lines ended general service and became a seasonal system serving only the PE leagues during its match days. In 1972 the league re-branded to reflect its unified organizational structure and to distance itself from its streetcar heritage. The Otto Aicher-inspired or ripoff league logo invited much litigation and proved unpopular however, and a more traditional design replaced it. Following a resurgence of public light rail patronage in the early 1990's, the league retro-branded to embrace its history. Though it is branded as an independent league, the Trolley League remains the Second Division of the PE league. A visual aid: ...and a league map. As each club concept is completed the map info will be updated. #motivation In this concept, Association football is as American as apple pie and Los Angeles. The nation looks upon this region with a curious awe and befuddlement.
  9. I guess im guilty of admiring from afar. Stupid cause i know [firsthand] feedback is the lifeblood of concepts. Ive got a concept im retooling right now thats pretty similar, so believe me ive been taking notes. Obviously the thoughtfulness and detail here are kickass. if i had any quibbles it would be the presentation. I would like to see the elements into their own capsule. Cramming and shrinking everything into a single team presentation lessens the impact of the designs for me. It takes some doing to visualize the kit in use if its not on a mannequin and its separate elements are floating around and competing for attention with other stuff 100 pixels away. The backstory is cool, straddling fine alt history line. Am i right in reading that all other sports are still held in their current esteem but soccer just boomed as a regional west coast thing?
  10. yay jersey history stuff! the chicago script from the 70-80s is off. hardwood classics version differs from what they actually used, most obviously with the letter C. wierdly champion got the logo right when they did the nba 50th anniversary throwbacks, but every brand since has used the HWC one....even tho HWC themselves sell more accurate versions. yea, classic sandknit! logos right, everything else wrong weeee oof..nope ....eeeeh close enough. lakers in their first yr in la, the piping was basic white/road, blue/home with no interior detail. the number font was smaller and diff from the 61-86 version. laker number font changed in 86-87 when sandknit took over the league jerseys and again slightly in 97 when nike took over (the lakers) from champion. if youre stickin with 15 on all the jerseys then only the 86 change matters if it matters at all. look for the serifs at the end of the numbers 1961-1986 1987 and beyooond yes i too attempted a jersey database once. only hilarity ensued.
  11. I read it as an outdoorsy equipment company logo. The mountain and the HK together dont register as 'oh yea thats a dudes personal mark'. Maybe cause the mountain dominates over the its the mountains that are the focus, not the designer. The name below the mark helps a bit. maybe HEATH.K , H.KLEINDIEST, or KLEINDEIST DESIGN to move away from a fashion brand vibe? Logo is good.... communication is ehhh.
  12. Believe it or not, uni numbers historically only caught on with team sports in the late 1920's. Only I could get burned by too much detail. i've thought about it.... I used to post stadium updates in the old thread, but i assume people who were expecting a new finished concept would be like 'i dont need to see your 1/2 finished stadiums dood!'
  13. ummm.....yep. santa ana done. SANTA ANA FC ze kit. ze grounds. ze grounds lookin SE. ze grounds lookin NW.
  14. A lot of really cool responses thanks guys. I'm def. checking them out. fake history... much work meanwhile here's a WIP of santa ana's grounds...curvy frilly and greeeen