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  1. I say this every time when i see another one of your concepts and i will keep saying it. Just absolutely amazing, i don't even have words to describe how much i love these logos and kits of yours.
  2. i've been peeking at this series for a while now, and now that you've got the FPL finished, i must say that this is some great work you've got here.
  3. All the kits look great, but the third is definetly my favourite. The badge is great too, really love the colours you've chosen for this one. Great stuff, as always.
  4. First i wanna say that i am huge fan of your concepts, they are all incredibly well done and if they were real, i'd probably buy most of the kits due to how beautiful they are. Secondly i wanted to ask you on which program you use to make these beautiful kits?
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