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  1. Atlantas helmet reminds me of Houston of Rollerball
  2. Looks like they stack them also . I saw some pictures with three attached while hanging
  3. Sorry but I had to give it a try
  4. No doubt. The lighter blue alway seemed to be off the mark . But much better now with the darker blue Good job
  5. In honor of the Detroit Mustangs. and until this thread is closed. I pay my respeects for The Mustangs
  6. Seems I have missed a few things. When did Detroit go to a Darker blue. I like it
  7. Detroit needs tro fire the GM and coach. they havent won a Cup in like 33 years . Maybe its time for a complete revamp, start fresh
  8. I so want to do a league like this in either football or hockey. But I just dont have the write up skills to make it fun.