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  1. How do you edit these to play in game ?
  2. I like it. Love the template even more tho .
  3. did you pick the correct link ?
  4. MSO94

    Grizzly Concept

    What if you made both sides look like the left ?
  5. UGH !! as a Original Dolphins fan. I have to say NOPE NOPE NOPE.. Sorry
  6. Im liking this so far. Very nice job on Detroit. Still my favorite team of all the AFL teams
  7. So you can play this version of graphics on a PC ? Sign me up I would love to learn more and get that version
  8. I noticed most all of the links to these great Templates are Dead as hell.
  9. Thank you so VERY MUCH
  10. So I have the back versio but does anybody know where I can get the front facing version of Chris Maurer templates