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  1. 2018 NFL Redesigns

    That is probably the best usage of tiger stiping I've ever seen for a Bengals concept.
  2. Rockets Uniform Changes

    Yeah, I just think that if they really wanted to change it up, that would be an interesting way to go. It would be unique in the NBA and lend its self better to Rocket/Space imagery.
  3. Rockets Uniform Changes

    Very unlikely, but it would be cool to see them emphise black more, drop red and introduce orange, similar to Dynamo.
  4. NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

  5. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

  6. Arizona Coyotes Rebrand

    I do like the teal, but I would try placing the teal stripe on the away jersey between the Kachina pattern and the red to help it stand out more.
  7. I'd go with three. I love seeing your process behind these. So cool!
  8. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    Yeah same. I had barely heard of it before now.
  9. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    Those are absolutely fantastic unis. Never would've thought rave green could look good on a football jersey.
  10. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    I think they would fit into the so ugly its beautiful thread.
  11. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    Las Vegas Lights
  12. Stetson University Unveils New Athletic Logo

    Similar reaction. I immediately saw the Dolphins logo in the middle.
  13. Helmet A & jersey B. That black helmet is sharp and the flaming B is just too good not to have on the uniforms.
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    The Washington Capitals have the best remaining uniform in the playoffs, and top 5 in the league.
  15. Ooh, number 3 is really good. I'd say go with 1 and 3, or 1 and 14. Also do flames or flaming sun on the helmet. Don't think that the b would really fit right cause it is tall.
  16. Classic Coral: Dolphins Tweak Colours for New Uniform

    I would say this is the best Nike change yet and puts the Dolphins in at least the top ten for uniforms.
  17. Classic Coral: Dolphins Tweak Colours for New Uniform

    Man, Color rush in the new orange would have actually looked nice though.
  18. Classic Coral: Dolphins Tweak Colours for New Uniform

    Love it. Darker orange makes all the difference.
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    This change is really similar to the Preds Adidas change. Everything wrong with it gets cleaned up but nothing gets added so it's just kinda bland. I would say that its an small upgrade, if only cause of the helmet change. Put teal on the aways and throw in a bit of gold and you've got a winner.
  20. Yeah teal, orange and yellow is waaay too bright. Also I had suggested the red b and yellow flames but seeing it now, the yellow b and red flame looks better. Try removing black entirely and have the inner flame with no outline and the outside in a red outline.
  21. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    Wild is terrible in the absolute best way. Philly's my favorite so far.
  22. The best logo of the bunch for me is 5A. It has more of a sense of direction and movement than the others, because all of the flames are pointed the same way. Colors: 2 or 4. If you were to go with color scheme 4 on the 5A. "b", I would have a black outline, red "b" and yellow inner flame. For scheme 2 I think you should use a yellow outline, teal "b" and an orange flame. I would also want to see Cincinnati next. Awesome stuff, looking forward to the rest!
  23. NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

  24. Rank the opponents that complement a particular team's uniform

    My favorite NFL matchup,