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Ok, so here's the issue. I just entered AP Graphic Design and I've run into a dilemma. So because we are creating a "professional" portfolio, everything has to be 90% created by yourself. That means you can use host images but you can not use anything copyrighted whatso ever, and as a sports designer every idea I had flew out the door. So I created the idea of making a lacrosse league by scratch but my teacher doesn't really know the ins and outs of making a sports template on photoshop. Preferably action shots. So I'm reaching out to you guys some who have made tremendous templates to learn your ways. Please someone save me!

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I've not been able to create a template but I have an idea of what might work for showing off your design idea.


You want your model to show as much of the uniform as possible. These players hide part of the numbers but if you had a stand still model as well this could give your teacher an idea of what your player's uniform should look like when playing. Also, whatever model you choose, remove all of the logos and patches and numbers that you don't want to see on the finished model. I forgot this when attempting to make a football model and the original numbers were still visible regardless of how much work I did.

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