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  1. I don't live too far from Charlotte. I have a good friend who works in the Bobcats front office. He told me they're very much interested in dumping their current logo(s). He doesn''t know what their timetable is, but that they are considering various design firms. I'm not up on what design firms are at the top, but he mentioned something about using regional firms. I'm not sure what's in the south. Where is Joe Bosack Design company located? There's one succesfull firm in Nashville and there's that guy in Chattanooga who just did all those logos for the South Coast League.
  2. "Ornithologically impossible"...True. That's why it's called artistic license. Bears holding bats, fish hitting baseballs, birds throwing baseballs, Polar bears and penguins shooting pucks..all impossible too, but this is the logo world. Most of the "traditional" college look is too boring. Boring then and boring now. I understand the beauty of clean and simple layout and design, but those proposed helmets are boring by any standards.
  3. What was wrong with the helmet they had? Retro sucks if it's bad design, just like a current design sucks if it's bad. Why do some teams think some cheesey cookie cutter script looks good on a helmet. Ames, Iowa is a pretty bland and dull place. These designs reflect that or make it even blander.
  4. I like those logos. Great job. I still think the best branded minor league is the South Coast league. I guess they're an independent league officially. Not sure who did those.
  5. The M is well done but nothing special. The wing doesn't add much to it. The M would be fine alone. The proposed design below is a much better idea. They blew it.
  6. The MAHL has a new team, the Jamestown Vikings. Cool logos! It's up on their site.
  7. i disagree. it looks like crap. it looks cheap. the face is too smashed in. it's like they didn't know what to do with the front so they hid it in shadow.
  8. Cool logo. Fits the subject pretty well. Good minor league logo.
  9. The iowa energy logo looks cheap and bizarre. There was or is a team somewhere in women's football called the Houston Energy. That logo was pretty cool and classy.
  10. Man, that's good. What's with the eyes rolling back? Nothing really fierce about it. It's more Hello Kitty than Jungle kats.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with these unis. I don't understand the hostility toward women's sports by some sports fans. The WNBA isn't supposed to be the NBA. It's something else. I've sat courtside for both WNBA and NCAA women's games. These are phenomenal athletes. They're at the top of their games, not the NBA games. Candace Parker of Tennessee is a great basketball player. To compare her to Koby Bryant or some other NBA player is ridiculous. Women's basketball games are just as exciting to watch as any men's game. It'a tired argument to say it's boring or they're not as good. Who cares? Just enjoy it for what it is. If you sit there and say this is no NBA game, then you shouldn't be watching.
  12. This topic has nothing to do with illegal aliens. I'm never bringing up that lightning rod again. I'll stick to sports. Mercy College, a small school in the east, unveiled a new logo. Looks pretty cool. Better than the Dallas Mavericks logo I think.
  13. Other than both having sharks in them, the san jose sharks logo looks nothing like the riversharks. No resemblence.
  14. Ever consider the fact that someone on this board might consider using the GD word offensive? Is that really necessary? I don't see why I should have to read that.
  15. Why isn't that a good logo? I think it works pretty well given the subject. I think it would be pretty hard to make that rider and horse work from the front like that. I'n no artist, but I think it's pretty cool.