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  1. I think the yankees look pretty great....especially their road uniforms. I give them a pass because they have the right old-timey simple design to pull it off, and without the pinstripes they'd be identical to the tigers (the best home jersey in baseball IMO.) First to do it or not, it just seems the pinstripes belong on them -- with no names on the back and the rest. Every other team I can think of would look better without the pinstripes... Teams like the phillies with red pinstripes come off as pink to me... Modern designs with pinstripes seem forced... The twins look ok I guess....I could kinda dig the road pinstripes as being their thing -- think the homes would be cooler without. Sox cooler without... Astros cooler without... Mets definitely cooler without. Basketball jersey with ever so subtle pinstripes don't really bother me per se, but I tend to think they'd be better without in most cases. Just my opinion.
  2. Agreed. And, I hate the following: Anything Minnesota Wild Anything Baltimore Ravens Anything Atlanta Thrashers Anything Tennessee Titans The Original AZ D'backs - looked like a bad prison tattoo. Steelers round jersey font. Mets black drop-shadows. Pinstripes on basketball jerseys. Pinstripes on any jerseys for me... The yankees get a pass.....all others would be better off without in my (probably unpopular) opinion.
  3. Not my favorite, but still good for what it is. I'm still not sure but I think the first year they did it that it was more green blue ..? its good in its own right because the practically invented a color. but I would have used the old blue in the pin stripe and not lime/dayglo. I really dont see the point of the lime green jersey? its a bad reminder of the 1980s haha Maybe because two blues and lime green look better then three blues? the difference in shade is so great, I think it would work and the pin stripe isnt that noticable to make it a bad contrast. Look at Buffalo as example. they use 2 or 3 blues and 2 more colors added while still mimicing an old school design Using Buffalo as an example of how do design a uniform is a very bad idea. The Bills have the prototypical bad uniform. For the record they use two blues and nickel, and it looks terrible. The most needlessly crammed colour scheme in the NFL. TO EACH, their own, but I think Buffalo works quite nicely being complex without being overbearing. Definitely the right thread for that statement. I like the seahawks new look over the old one aswell --- but not the monochrome. They look ok all white, and best with white pants/blue shirt, but the all-blue doesn't do it for me.
  4. - Great thread idea --- here's one of my favorites....an underused colour-combo in my estimation.
  5. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one. Is there a reason for that? I don't understand. PArticularly on a website for people obsessed with logos, uniforms, and sports in general. Not to mention some "grown men" who wear jerseys earn more in one year than you will probably see in your life time. It's just my opinion. I just think jerseys are a little goofy for men to be wearing around, particularly football jerseys. And that goes for going to game or going to the store. IMO, there is no proper situation for the man jersey. And just because you make some money doesn't mean you can't look like a jackass. But they are ok on women, right? Tell me there is something sexier than a girl wearing an NFL Jersey.... Yeah, a girl wearing a hockey jersey. + 1,000,000 This is a great thread, with some solid reasoning on both sides... Ultimately, the stealing of intellectual property is indefensible, and it sucks that while most people get that its wrong to steal a car or a necklace, they have a harder time caring about protecting someone's ideas. Such a tough thing for some people to wrap their heads around unless they work in a field it applies to (as I do.) That said -- I'm glad those arguing the other side are bringing in valid points, and as has been mentioned, damned near everyone does something someone else would consider unethical....hell, I do several things I myself consider unethical all the time. I own no counterfeit sports merch (to my knowledge), but have used illegal software, purchased a fake rolex in manhattan for fun, stole satellite back in the day etc. etc.
  6. People wearing jersey's out on the street doesn't bother me one bit. I have a pretty sizeable collection of hockey jerseys...couple baseball and basketball ones aswell. I don't wear them out often, almost never, but if the mood strikes me, I will. And while I would never do it myself, I find nothing really wrong with one's own name on the back either. We're mainly on this board cuz we think some of this stuff looks great....the colours, the stripes, the logos. Why wouldn't we want wear them? Its all just fun -- so weather you think its cool, you wanna identify yourself as a fan to others, or to support the team, I see absolutely no harm in it. Like I said -- I virtually never actually wear my jerseys, unless I'm playing road hockey or something....again, just for fun. My favorite time to wear a jersey is to a road game of a team I'm supporting. Love the comments, and anger it seems to illicit. Love seeing, and being a part of, the sea of leaf jersey's out in the streets for games in places like columbus, pittsburg, buffalo. I almost never wear jerseys if its a home game. Seems pointless and redundant.
  7. My unpopular opinions.... The edmonton oilers had their best look ever right before the edge uni's came about. I love the navy/copper, and the uniforms were pretty much perfect. One of the absolute best looks in the league at the time. The new seahawks colours/logo/uniforms are way better then their old ones. Hate the dark pants/dark jersey look, but like them in all white. Don't think much of the kansas city cheifs look, and dislike red and yellow in general. Along the same lines, I liked the calgary flames pre-edge look the best of all of their looks. Love the flaming C in black. The flying elvis kills the former patriots logo. The current uniforms are nightmarishly bad, but the logo is just fine. The blue jays best look ever was in 1993. Don't really care for the powder blue, hated the addition of red, absolutely loathed the T-bird logo, and their current set is THE worst in baseball. All I can think of for now... To be honest, this board seems eclectic enough that no opinion can ever be too unpopular. I ain't seeing much of a consensus in the top 10 and worst 10 logo threads that pop up. People just generally seem to disagree most of the time....and even the individual's lists seem to run the gamut of classics/established/universally loved stuff, and things I thought were hated across the board.
  8. Do uniforms effect the on-field results? No, not really. To claim that uniforms are completely separate from the eras they helped define, however, is a very naive assumption. Those Bucs uniforms represented an era in which, for the most part, they were the butt to every joke concerning the NFL. These are the uniforms that represent the year in which they became the only team in modern NFL history to go winless in a season. You can't really divorce a uniform from the era it helped define. It doesn't work. Aesthetically, it's a mess. I'm sorry, but that logo just sucks. Pase gay jokes aside, it's a winking pirate. He's not threatening, he's not intimidating. Given that the name relates to pirates, there's so much potential for imagery, and Bucco Bruce falls up short in that department. The colours themselves look washed out. There's not enough contrast. It's just not a bold enough look to work, in my opinion. It's the perfect example of why classic looks aren't always the best. This is one of those older uniforms that I think is best left in the past. The new uniforms, in addition to being associated with a Super Bowl, are unique in the sense that they use a colour seen no where else in pro sports. They also take full advantage of pirate imagery without being consumed by it (cartoony numbers were avoided). The current set looks modern yet not like something that will seem dated down the line, while at the same time seeming classic, but not boring. It's a fantastic look that's associated with the franchise's best years. If it were up to me the Bucs would only wear the orange throwback look when they're honouring past players or teams. I agree completely. The old uniform was horrible across the board to me. Awful colours. That logo is terrible with a capital T, and I get the sense some people like it precisely because it looks so terrible/ridiculous. The new bucs set is one of my favorites. To me, it looks timeless, like you said. No gimmicky stupid stripes or extraneous piping. The colours are unique, but still kinda clean and classic. The logo is a bit of a bore, but its not too bad. Worlds better then the 70s pornstar with the knife in his mouth. Just my opinion.
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