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  1. Ah... Figured. Is the template legit? I've seen a few different variations....
  2. Pretty much my opinions exactly.....love the two-tone DB logo. Colours are great overall, and benefits from being more orange-ish frankly. Nicely done.
  3. Red sox and reds criminally low.....rockies, padres and mariners too high. My top 3: Tigers Red Sox Blue Jays Bottom 3: Rays Rockies D-backs
  4. Incredible....this is exactly what they should have gone with. You can't tell me merchandise in this style wouldn't fly off the shelves. Only tweak I can really think of other then what's been mentioned would be seeing what the wordmarks would look like arched a bit. Great work.
  5. I can live with the wordmark not having "Toronto" with the hashes, but the long wordmark on the side of the bench should definitely have hases. I hope this doesn't mean the road jerseys have that same hashless font. I like the "Toronto" not having the hashes and "Blue Jays" having hashes (which is weird, because normally I hate two different typefaces on logos). I like it in the logo, not digging it as a long wordmark. Infact, I don't really like that dugout -- too much red, and gives me a labatt's blue vibe.
  6. That was a stopgap measure before the planned rebranding. It was already part of the logo package as an alternate, but apparently the Blue Jays decided that they'd rather use it than the regular primary for the final year, so they elevated it. I'm pretty sure that, when when did that, we already knew it was just for one year and that a full-on rebranding would come the following season. Of course, we didn't know how much that rebranding would suck... I still maintain that the T-Bird logo is worse than the Black and Silver Jays. ...For sure. Infact, I'll take the black/silver nonsense over the extra red any day. Fortunately, both those era's are now in the past.
  7. Agreed. The sarifs and the misaligned stem are the only gripes I have with an otherwise flawless logo. I'm betting the sarifs will grow on me (already are infact.) Easily the best upgrade of the offseason.
  8. Interesting... Good thing they were talked out of it - it looks pretty bad IMO, especially without matching numbers... One thing's for sure -- that was a pretty great look for the stars back then - crushes what they wear now.
  9. I was just thinking that. Wasn't the old font san serif? Not a huge deal but it kind of bothers me a little bit. It doesn't seem as clean. I agree, but am willing to reserve judgment until we see the actual font. Also agreed.... But I'm at a point where anything that comes out will make me happy. The above mock-up with sarifs looks fine (its crazy how much the center-split does for a fairly staid font) but I like the originals better. Sarifs give me a slight old-timey vibe that doesn't work as well, both with this look, or for toronto in general. Regardless -- I'm over-the-moon excited for the reveal...
  10. They should have used the same font (the one from the friar one) for both of those logos...loe that font. And while they're at it, a recoloured navy and sand version of the early-80s arch wordmark on the front of these jerseys would look pretty fantastic too. I'm a huge fan of the brown and gold era like many here, but I actually think I liked it more for its other elements then just the colours. I think a navy and white with sand trim version of that set would look pretty great. This new set is pretty weak IMO. I'd always assumed if I was calling the shots for a pro sports team, my instructions to the design department would always include:"I want us to have the BEST uniforms in the league." Do you think anyone in the padres organization, or anyone involved with the design feel this is anywhere close to the best look in baseball?
  11. I'm elated right now... The new logo is fabulous, small gripes aside. In several ways, its better then the original... The leaf is a bit big though, and as much as I thought the ball-background was a weakness in the old logo, without it, the leaf looks kinda out of place (it'd be cool if someone mocked this up with the ball.) But given how terrified I've been hearing little tidbits about the new look, especially the possible major use of red from earlier in this thread, I'm so relieved right now. Everything I've read over the past several pages has me giddy with anticipation for the new jays look....
  12. Solid, if unspectacular... I don't mind the overall look, logo included... A bit boring, mostly due to the colours. The road arm band/stripe combo thingy is a bit weird - I'll wait to see it on the ice to make a final judgement. I'll echo others -- this could very easily have been so much worse, so with that in mind, I'm happy with these.
  13. I don't mind the all black baseball hats...(I own and wear an old-school jays logo one) or the fashion caps that are atleast some variation on a team's colour scheme, but the random different colour thing is stupid and pointless... Just as bad as some d-bag kid or chick wearing a Clash or Ramones T-shirt purely for fashion. To whoever is saying we should relax about it; its a message board dedicated to discussing such things - its not like I wanna go punch someone in the face if they have a yellow yankees hat on. I just think its dumb. Stickers though? I do kinda want to punch those people... Earlier this summer, I had the good fortune to happen upon a passed-out-drunk kid at a party with the stickers still on his flat-brimmed baseball cap; I kindly removed them for him. My friends and I like to imagine he threw the hat in the trash when he woke up and went to the mall to buy a new one.