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  1. Team/Player: Giroux Jersey Color: Orange Dimensions: 1440x900 Great series to come huh?
  2. I like the 2nd one more, but I love the concept. Missouri's was poorly executed in my opinion, but I think this would look great. Nice work!
  3. Not great quality, but saw this online. UNC's jerseys when they play MSU.
  4. Thanks so much, I know it must've pained you to do something for Philly. haha
  5. Hi, Could you make a wallpaper for my laptop (1440x900) and one for the iPhone 4 (Retina Display) with the Flyers logo. As for the colors, pretty much just the Flyers orange, but not as bright as their jerseys, something that looks good as a wallpaper. Thanks so much in advance...
  6. If you could add Sixers and Reading Royals to those 4, I'd like to request the same thing. I know it kills you to make a Flyers one, but thanks in advance...
  7. It looks like it was their last home game of the season, so they did the standard fan appreciation day, jersey off their back promotion...
  8. #12 I grew up with Simon Gagne being my favorite player. Any sport, 12 is my number...
  9. Love it, looks amazing!
  10. Absolutely LOVE the second one. Keep up the great work!
  11. I would also look to tone down the yellow a bit. Maybe more of a gold color?
  12. Well technically, it was a fauxback, since they never had black nameplates before. God I wish they would've actually gone back to their real retros. That stuff just irks me...
  13. What template is this? I'd love to try it out...