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  1. Wow... the absolute madmen did it..... I'm not even a Browns fan but I'm feeling something indescribable.
  2. That was the only way possible I expected Cleveland to break their losing streak.
  3. This game and series are over... and there's still a quarter to be played.
  4. Brian Scalabrine, formerly of the Celtics, is still milking every bit of his "White Mamba" fame.
  5. what's the right uniform for him? I suppose the Astros, he spent four-and-a-half seasons with them. He also pitched an inning of a combined no-hitter when he was with the Astros. That's the only accolade for Dotel that runs through my mind when I hear see him mentioned- Which is usually the headline of an article when he signs with a new team.
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