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  1. Wow... the absolute madmen did it..... I'm not even a Browns fan but I'm feeling something indescribable.
  2. That was the only way possible I expected Cleveland to break their losing streak.
  3. This game and series are over... and there's still a quarter to be played.
  4. Brian Scalabrine, formerly of the Celtics, is still milking every bit of his "White Mamba" fame.
  5. what's the right uniform for him? I suppose the Astros, he spent four-and-a-half seasons with them. He also pitched an inning of a combined no-hitter when he was with the Astros. That's the only accolade for Dotel that runs through my mind when I hear see him mentioned- Which is usually the headline of an article when he signs with a new team.
  6. The garments have pleased thine eyes thus far.
  7. That jersey is melting my face with its perfection and glory. Oh my.
  8. The Sawx are rocking the 'Hanging Sox' cap for the first time in a while. I'd guess they're switching it up to end the crappy play, rather than wearing 'em in honor of Jackie Robinson.
  9. MLB: Red Sox (Merely respected them for years until El Guapo made an appearance and it's been love ever since) Second team- Rockies NFL: Cowboys Second team- Broncos NHL: Flames Second team- Penguins Third team- Bruins NBA: Celtics Second team- Bucks (I've never understood my love of them, but I think the Irish Rainbow unis from my childhood played a big part in it) My family's from the northeast and I dated a girl from Colorado, so that sort of explains how I got interested in these teams.
  10. Rockies take the lead and go on to win against Cincy with a pure steal of home from Chris Nelson. On top of that, it was the first stolen base of his career!