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  1. Back from the dead with the infamous yellow alts and a court that I had worked on a bit ago. The yellow was a bit of a challenge in staying true to the originals; anywhere the yellow and white met buzzed heavily (at least on a computer screen). This was fixed a bit by changing the color hierarchy within the kit. Court on the other hand was pretty simple, dropped in colors and logos, taking the historical court into account. I think I'll have to rework a font to use as "body copy" of sorts, so that the top of the court text isn't as heavy. Other than that, gave it a bit of homecourt flair by tilting the wood panels. Finally, if anyone has any arena sponsorship ideas (I have Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks as some choices, although slightly mainstream), shoot. Swinging back into things, so I'll probably be moving forward with this series. Another expansion team will be coming...
  2. Small update here. First though, thank you all for the kind and constructive comments. I've been an admirer on this site for an extremely long time and it's good to finally try my hand. I thought the outlined number idea was great, however the development of it didn't go well. Adding an outline meant adding two outlines (I would have wanted to keep a green space between the white number and yellow outline on the away jerseys for example.) I eventually settled for a color change that seems to balance out both jerseys better anyway. I literally have no idea why I put Durant and #23. I think I had input them at different times and didn't ultimately "fact check" at the end. As for the wordmark and number font, I actually created it myself. It's not exactly intricate, but I was afraid it would feel unbalanced at points. The flourishes on the end stemmed from an early idea of speed lines that made the letters look like they were buffeting, but it eventually go to such a fine level of detail that it just muddied the concept. I actually quite like the flourishes now, but I do agree they get lost a bit on the white (which seems to be a common problem in the concept). I removed the waist logo because I agreed that it was unnecessary. It was an arbitrary inclusion based on their old uniforms anyway. Most of all, the Space Needle has been un-italicized. I honestly had no thought about the ramifications of it, and thought of it more as an abstract representation of the Needle than an official logo. The alternate logo is proving to be a more difficult change to make, so that will come later. Also I wanted to keep the wordmark on a slant that was consistent throughout the concept, however changing the angle of only the Needle wasn't as jarring as I expected it to be. A court and an alternate (although the yellow is tough) is definitely on its way, as well as ideas for other expansion teams. I decided I may be doing four and then you all can choose the most deserving concept.
  3. Extremely long-time lurker and one-time poster here. I'm beginning a career in advertising and design soon (that hopefully may lean into sports design) and I'm trying to knock out some personal projects I've always wanted to complete. I had a hard time deciding which project to choose because I wanted to do something that has a remote possibility of happening. One idea that I hadn't seen explored too much here was an NBA expansion led by Nike. I decided that adding two teams to the NBA was perhaps the likeliest of any sports expansion scenario, and choosing the first team to (re)conceptualize was no difficult task. Seattle makes its triumphant return to the Association with a modernized identity that adheres to Nike's design habits. While the branding itself has not aged poorly (and how can it with such a color scheme), the Sonics' "toilet seat" uniforms never sat well with me. However, I'm never one to completely abandon a history, so the "toilet seat" design becomes a sharp and sleek feature that arguably symbolizes speed more than the old curvature. Finally I included two alternate logos. I am leaning toward the second (right-most), but I understand that near-requirement having a roundel-based logo is now. I'll probably keep adding to this concept with other multimedia such as advertisements or brand presentations to develop skills other than static graphic design. Let me know what you guys think and if there are any improvements you feel could be made. I'll get to the next team in the near future and then redesigns of outdated current teams, but feel free to shout out what cities you feel to have the greatest likelihood of owning an expansion team.
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