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  1. The Jets and the AHL have called a press conference for Monday to announce the team name. Possibly Logos and uniforms as well.

    We all know Moose is the logical and sentimental choice, but Chipman was also bandying about the possibility of Polar Bears when he bought the thrashers. We'll see in a few days.

  2. Fire everyone.

    Hire Chiarelli, and make him hire Carlyle.

    Get rid of the allegedly uncoachables (Hall, Yakupov, etc) and bring in a couple of top 4 defence men, and bring in the best Fans goalie possible.

    Edmonton has 5 or 6 #5 defensemen right now. That's gotta change at the very least.

  3. I sometimes wonder how good Edmonton or Philadelphia could be if they hired people who were actually qualified to run a hockey team instead of closing their eyes, flipping through old media guides, and picking whoever they landed on when their kid yelled "STOP!"

  4. Jesus you guys I'm the biggest Jets Homer in here but I don't even think they'll last 6 against the Ducks.

    I think they're evenly matched. The Ducks have more elite talent up top, the Jets have more depth, the Ducks are better at forward, Jets on defense, but both teams have lots of big mean guys who go around trying to crush everyone. Anaheim has a slight edge in goals scored (228 to 223), Winnipeg has a sizable edge in goals against (221 to 204), and the Jets have the wider gap between the two (19 to 7), which the Jets achieved in a meat-grinder of a division. If the Ducks can keep up their magic in one-goal games, they'll get through, but if the horseshoe finally falls out of their ass and the Jets can floor it for seven games, the Jets can win a razor-close war of a series.
    It really will all come down to, whose marginal goaltenders will step up. I'm not completely convinced that Anaheim has championship level goalies, and the shoe is gonna drop for Pavelec at some point.

    I mean, I hope like hell the Jets can pull it out, but I'm just not sure.

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