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  1. It was actually first used in their first season in 1946...
  2. Here are all the Rams new possible combos Dark Light Alternate/Color Rush None listed in Style Guide Throwback None listed in Style Guide
  3. Schedule is out, draft is in the books, and time will tell if we actually have a season this year. Might as well get this up and running. Remember any combos posted during the course of this thread prior to game taking place or posted prior to any announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed. Please give me at least 24 hours from the completion of the game to make any corrections as I am normally not at a computer to make changes during the game itself. Also please don't post if the combo actually worn is that what is already posted. It is totally unnecessary and just adds to what already is a large thread of posts. HOF Game Preseason Week 1 Preseason Week 2 Preseason Week 3 Preseason Week 4 Regular Season Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Post Season Wildcard Round Divisional Round Championship Round Super Bowl LV
  4. Not that I am aware of. This will be a first.
  5. I didn't say the numbers were definately gradient. I said I couldn't remember if it was the numbers or the Jersey but that there was a gradient.
  6. The NFL rulebook states that the home team gets to decide which jersey it will wear, and because most home teams choose to wear darker uniforms with their primary team colors on it at home, it is standard for the away teams to wear white or gray on the road so that the two teams can be easily distinguished by the players, referees, and fans. Thus, teams must have "away" colors, which are generally white or gray with the primary team colors only being used to mark the numbers on the front and back of the jersey.
  7. As I stated way back when I first dropped all the teams that would have changes I was not a fan of what the Falcons or the Rams did.
  8. The files I saw for all the teams back in February did not show any helmets.
  9. Royal blue is not a light color... too dark.
  10. So everything starts to blur after a while seeing all these changes and such and it has been since February when I last saw the files, but if memory serves here are a few details on the Rams. 1. There is a gradient but I honestly can't remember if it was the jersey similar to Atlanta or if it was just the numbers. Sorry again it has been a while. 2. The light or away uniform is not white, and no it isn't yellow either.
  11. Here are all the Chargers new possible combos Dark Light Color Rush
  12. What is might boil down to is that the numbers are difficult to place on the Pats with this design so the NFL is fine with not having it. The Browns design does not prevent them so the NFL refused the request as it seems clear the NFL prefers that they are there. I think the Panthers could get away with not having them as well as what they are are so ridiculous and small given the current design. If a team elects to have them even if small the NFL is fine with it but would also be fine with them not being there. Pats opted out and Panthers opted in. Browns didn't have the option as they could put them on either the sleeve or shoulder and the design wasn't a throwback for historical accuracy.
  13. Did some googling and found this... guess this puts and end to the speculation.
  14. I think what it boils down to is the darker colors are seen and more intimidating. Think Darth Vader all black or the imagery of a ninja, etc. Also think military uniforms and I am not talking camo either but other uniforms. Think WWII Germany etc all went with these very dark shades. Brighter colors tend to be more light hearted. Think of baby toys and baby clothing and such all lighter more vibrant colors. Golden era super hero were the same (Superman in the bright blue and red and yellow). I think for the most part from a psychology standpoint teams want to come of as intimidating thus the lean is towards darker colors/shades in most cases. They might use a bright color as an accent or a pop but what the majority to be darker color. At least that is what it appears to me.
  15. Depends on the interpretation of should. 1. used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions. 2. used to indicate what is probable. If you use the first meaning obligation or correctness it is required. If you use the second as in probable then it is optional.
  16. Also as we can see from the various player posts and such I have gotten actual confirmation that the images from the official release did not use the correct pants and that the brashier stripes we see in the documentation and player photos are correct. Have not gotten any response yet on how they got away with not having TV numbers.
  17. So here is what we would get if they rolled out silver or white pants.
  18. Very possible. Nike might have been of the mindset that we have until mid April to get these done and prioritize other earlier announcements and then lockdown happened. Keep in mind this was probably going to be a live announcement and not just a photoshoot release. So getting them done more in advance of the actual release date was not as major of an issue.
  19. I have as I stated in an earlier post
  20. Here is something that could be possible given the situation we are in. Nike might not have gotten the new pants to the Pats in time for the player photoshoot and they just use the color rush pants they had on hand. The new pants arrived in time to take the pictures with the mascot. As I said I am not sure which it is. I have an email out asking for clarity.
  21. To piggy back on this I would say what the Chargers will release tomorrow in not a classic look but I like it. I might be in the minority but I think it looks good. We will see what others think soon enough. As Infrared said not all Classic is good and not all modern is bad. Case in point I think most would agree that the "Classic" Steeler bumble bee was not a good look. Everything is a matter of personal taste and opinion. All design is new at some point and what sticks is what goes town as timeless and what doesn't is a fad.
  22. One thing to keep in mind with all these new releases and honestly with any team... teams can change and add pants and socks at any time. The NFL does not sell or make any money off socks and pants so teams are free to add or change those at any time.