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  1. It's really creative. Still looks like there is a weird Chicago Bears logo right in the middle
  2. Also pictures from the back and fonts...
  3. I'm glad you posted those. The drawings unveiled on look way worse: Atlantic: B+ Central: A Metropolitan: B- Pacific: F
  4. KHL has just unveiled the jerseys of their 2018 All Star Game in Astana, Kazakhstan has a couple of more detailed pictures of the jerseys. It follows a bit the schema of last years ASG, in Ufa, where the 4 teams had jerseys of colors of the host team. (in this case here, host country)
  5. Found that online. Were they unveiled yet? That would be extremely disappointing if true.
  6. Seeing Nike's olympic jerseys, not so sure of that.
  7. Vegas are playing in white... at home
  8. Numbers look cool, but the letters... why so big?
  9. Thank you Adidas for bringing us to the 90's (such a great decade)
  10. France Chateauroux Nimes OLD NEW
  11. I think at this point we can assume that the teams are sorted by alphabetic order.
  12. Hoping an NFL-like move when they figure out they can have a template with a better looking collar.
  13. I'd definitely would think about starting asking if the Leafs are introducing grey tones to their uniform after a preview.
  14. Looks also there is a million more possibilities to make things wrong/worse. So maybe no change is a good change.
  15. The J letter doesn't look that good
  16. It's just a toy. We had similar stuff 20 years ago (finger skateboards, spinning tops). The problem is that it's the new trend of the moment. Trends, by definition, end up generating anti-trends.
  17. it looks really cheap when the numbering of players and goalies differ
  18. I prefer the former one. New one looks so boring.
  19. A French NT kit without red on it, for me, does not look like a French kit. Or is not good.
  20. No triangles on the back. Triangles on the sleeves. I'm glad I could buy the one from last year. I don't like this one at all.