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  1. Supposed to be Whitecaps new home. Looks very boring.
  2. May I request one for Brazil, please? Thanks!
  3. Would it be possible to have Brazil one with the name of the country in portuguese? BRASIL THanks
  4. May I request one? A silver/white one with this logo:
  5. The difference is that Holland is a region from the Netherlands, as New York and California are states from the US. As said before on the post, Spain dark jerseys are black with red and yellow details, and the team in orange is the Netherlands.
  6. I also totally disagree with the Icethetics rankings. IMO, the Sabres jersey, with the number on the front, and this new piping on the sides, can't be ranked as the second best alternate jersey. And also the last ones, which for me would have to be Senators (or Sens) and Coyotes ones. It is still a pretty nice website though.
  7. I'd like to request a NJ Devils red one, without the number, if possible please. Thanks!
  8. There are some countdowns on the left menu of this site:
  9. The problem of these new Sens jerseys for me is that... Although they don't look bad. For me they don't look good either. They do look like soccer jerseys.
  10. Why are they still wearing Yashin jerseys?! lol. I don't like the white jersey. Way too plain. But, won't be as bad as the navy ones i guess.
  11. One thing is for sure: No one has told lately about creating/designing a new identity. I think the stick-and-rink scheme represents well the canucks, but not Vancouver at all. The orca represents not much.
  12. I just had the same idea, but you came up here first, hehe Good job, nicely done. What i have done is to put a page with the pictures for each team in my blog (in french). Blog address is: And pictures page is: EDIT: Here's Panthers new teaser...
  13. As a Devils fan, i don't think he'll stay. First of all, receiving 5M/1y, i doubt the team will pay him more than this. And then, after NJ elimination of the playoffs, media was saying that he told, in an interview, that he was interested to play in a team where he could play on the top lines, against their top lines. (I can't say if he really said that or not, just read it)
  14. Maybe because Kansas City is in Missouri and not Kansas.
  15. What a great collection you have. Thanks for sharing pictures
  16. Yes, same template... Navy for Home, White for Away http://dontworryberugby.blogs.paramourduru..._1174317467.jpg http://dontworryberugby.blogs.paramourduru..._1174315279.jpg
  17. I'd appreciate a Zach Parise one, please.