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  1. It's a good start, but it feels unfinished. You should try to make the face fiercer and streamline the legs. The front two look really awkward.
  2. We have statuses now Pr

  3. ,and I just finished doing this the hard way.
  4. What's the word I'm looking for... Oh, yeah: kickass!
  5. That is wonderful, the striping is genius. maybe try inverting the colours in the logo.
  6. No All of the bills have a different colour/thickness strip, so its easier Its a security thing apparently if you link at it in the light it'll look like a 20 The reverse:
  7. Dollar Rede$ign a project to redesign the Dollar; my favorite entry:
  8. I've always hates the font but I was driven to loathing when I saw a t-shirt which read: KEYSER WRESTLING
  9. Love it how they named the series after me I'm sorry, I really had to. But really, I think this is better than the new ones
  10. Look foreword to seeing those roads on the field, not sure until I see them
  11. Like: The helmet and the Template Hate: Everything else First real downgrade by Reebok IMO
  12. I like the second one but the logo looks like it's got a black eye.
  13. Answer: No. How many NoHoJoe Trivia Points do I get for answering this question correctly? 7.83 And I don't like the logo, the ! is nifty, but looks a little awkward.
  14. I just noticed the reds. Nice catch. I will fix that. As for patches or names, I have not perfected putting them on. Finally, why would Gimp help? What does it provide? I will look into it, but I would like to know what it is for. Anyway, if things go well, I will post some more concepts. C+C please! Gimp gives you interpolated (that's right, right?) resizing, antialiasing, layers and paths (not to mention hundreds of rendering scripts). It's ten times better then paint and it's what I use.
  15. Yeah, that is a whole lot more legible. The old one looked like Marl─Śns. Great job, as always, on this series.
  16. good stuff DP, the only thing that's bothering me is the "holes" in letters like the 'U' and the 'R' in the wordmark, maybe its just me but... and heres the Emperors, I added the alt and tweaked the wordmark from the post at the top of the page: LOGOS UNIFORMS CnC please
  17. Thank You, Oddball! And a little grandfatherly advice to you kiddies. Before you go hog wild with your Photo Shop and Illustrator talents consider these facts. Hershey and Rochester are the seventh- and eighth-oldest continually-operating professional hockey clubs in North America. Between them they have been in the A.H.L. a combined 125 years! For you Obama voters that's a full century-and-a-quarter of UNINTERRUPTED operating in the same city with the same nickname. You can total up all the total seasons, records and championships of all the rest of the current A.H.L. line-up and you STILL couldn't catch the Bears and the Amerks. As I said in another post on this thread I KNOW this is a "fun" project. But as a lifelong A.H.L. fan (I'm in my 52nd season and have seen more A.H.L. games live than all you guys conbined) I'm not in favor of messing with these two truck-horses of the league in any way, shape or manner. If these two cities were to ever lose their teams you might as well kiss the rest of the league goodbye! I'll say no more on this subject! Dude before you go and babble on and on about how they're the oldest teams and have all these records and are the oldest teams and have all these records, consider these facts: this is a sports logos message board where creavitivy is laudable and although it isn't required, in this project relocating and/or rebranding is encouraged. Contrary to popular belief-- everything you see on the Internet isn't reality, some of it's just people being creative and having fun with it And what's with that unpreempted (sp?) shot at my hero and roll model who just happens to be your commander-in-cheif. Oh, and any CnC on Brooklyn?
  18. This can be summed up by one simple word: Huh? SiFi would've been a lot better, not good, but a lot better.
  19. Here's a preview draft of my Emperors design: C&C desired, I really like the way this came out.
  20. Brillant! Great work, I really like the Redskins one. Long live the Weagle- the greatest logo in history.