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  1. New jersey for Stockholm's Djurgarden IF of the Allsvenskan. Interesting to see a new adidas jersey without the 3 stripes being on the side. Gotta say that this is a huge down grade from last year's jerseys, which I think are amongst favorite ones of all time.
  2. Has anyone else seen the new top 10? It quite literally made me dizzy. I don't mind the new ticker and story rundown, but some of the graphics really upset me. For example when they were showing the possible ways that the US team could advance they kept scanning over the words moving left to right kind of so that I could barely read it by the end. I don't know if Im the only one, but so far I have hated it.
  3. and why's the caps logo not only not an official team logo,but not in color like the other team's logos?
  4. The Caps- the local hockey team, and hockey being my favorite sport... Cal-my dad went there for law school, and since his real college doesn't play D1 sports, I choose Cal. My mom is from Sweden so no college team from her (this will probably change once I get a college of my own) Sweden National Team (soccer and ice hockey)-because I have duel citizenship and this way I get to rub it in my friends faces when Sweden beats the US Djurgarden IF-Swedish soccer/ice hockey team. It's from the area in Stockholm my mom was from Red Sox-Have a good friend who roots for the Sox and first introduced me to baseball about 10 years ago, so I started following them because he did. Also my dad used to cheer for them. Maryland Terps-local college Nationals-local team BC Lions-first introduced and watched the CFL in BC, and I still like it better then the NFL Houston Texans-didn't root for any NFL team till a while ago and when I decided to start following I decided to choose the worst team to not be a bandwagon fan, figured the newest team will be the worst.
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