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  1. I'm with everyone who has mentioned downsizing the league. Forget about relocation, if you want that league to remain healthy for years to come then you need to desaturate it and cut it back in size. I don't think anyone's mentioned the actual quality of the game and how it gets effected when you have 30 teams in the league, it's just too many. If you want proof of that and how it has effected the game take a look at the percentages of foreign players the league has attracted over the last 5 years. Forget about the "Slap Shot" markets and bringing hockey to the sun belt, those teams have had fair and ample opportunity to prove whether they can survive and be a viable and lucrative part of the league. If it hasn't happened yet, it's never going to happen. Like the old biological anecdotes about pruning trees and sick animals in a herd - the NHL needs to realize that to strengthen the league they need to get rid of the parts that are decaying and holding it back....otherwise the KHL might actually become something one day. As for the actual topic: hockey doesn't work in Phoenix, Phoenix doesn't make the playoffs, even with Gretzky involved the team can't function in a gainful way. If LA can't have an NFL team, Phoenix doesn't deserve an NHL team anymore. Where they go, or if they disappear completely is irrelevant. People should simply be asking 'why' things didn't work out better.
  2. That would be when you make a comment regarding the font being used by one of the teams in the 6 Nations and are asked to return your beer to the bar and leave.
  3. They could have always gone back to the Swedish and picked out any combination of letters: PIK PIF Philadelphias FF IFK Philadelphia Philadelphias IF Philadelphias BK IF Philadelphia Philadelphia SK IFK Philadelphia FK You pick it they all mean pretty much exactly the same thing... För vi är PIK och vi är överallt...
  4. God save them, those are all terrible. Philadelphia Union, which is at least somewhat neutral and inspired compared to the others, would actually work the best since it would only be a matter of weeks/days/hours before the team became unofficially known as the Onions. Go Onions...
  5. There are a couple, neither of which are in any way complete: My humble site works as well, but is also by no means complete: JerseyDatabase Use the advanced seach button to enter the number and any other info.
  6. Actually, according to the NHL Shop these are going to have white names and white numbers with blue trim. Not sure if that is official, but that's what it shows when you go to order one.
  7. I'm going to guess, or at least hope, that they'll do these like the Leafs did in 96, no nameplates. The mess it would create on these would destroy the actual design.
  8. The story I've heard is that the original Islanders logo was thrown together in a matter of days. Aesthetically it may not be perfect, but neither are any great number of logos that have been around for 30+ years. Marketing products based on colors and swashbuckling cartoony mascot logos wasn't what a team's crest and uniform used to be about. Tradition tends to outweigh new fan appeal in most circles, thank goodness, otherwise we'd have seen some terrible redesigns of some of sports most famous logos for the mere sake of keeping with the times. With all that said, there is an entire generation who has grown up with an NHL without the North Stars or Whalers or Jets, but who have instead been raised with the Mighty Ducks, Coyotes and Hurricanes. To them, I would wager most of the league's logos look rather one dimensional and stale at this point. Thankfully, since we're on the subject, the Islanders showed what happens when someone makes a mistake of gargantuan proportions in an attempt to recreate a traditional team identity.
  9. IMO opinion they should have never got rid of orange. I think you speak the mind of everyone who is a fan of that team, or at least the mind of everyone from Philly who cares about that team. God knows I've been on a complaining streak since the orange disappeared in 2001. If I had anything to do with it I'd already be planning on scrapping the black before next season.
  10. I think the Flyers may have finally brought some redemption back on the uniform front for the first time since 2001. Will be interesting to see how these play out with everyone in Philadelphia, and how much more orange we'll see in the stands.
  11. No, no, that is too simple. We are talking about the people who took the sock, a household object with at least 20 years of history, and turned it into a new object altogether. If we are lucky the Flyers won't end up with anything worse than another installment of the Spr Sck. Image not suitable for all audiences.
  12. I guess I was off, these are more accurate: Now, the only question that remains is: What kind of whackass sock invention will Reebok come up with for these?
  13. Let's see here: Eagles = Green = Black Flyers = Orange = Black Sixers = Red, White, Blue = Black Phillies = Red = Let's hope it doesn't happen. I just can't understand how the 1990's are still going on. I'll take any green over black. In fact I'd rather see the blue/yellow again before the black. But, most of all, I'd just like to see the team somehow squeak into the playoffs.
  14. The crests on the old Flyers jerseys weren't as small as Mitchell and Ness would have you think. Although they varied in size by year etc. Example:
  15. Looks like the morning show on WIP is shaping up to be, for the love of god, let's not all start talking about the parade route...