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  1. Except with the NFL's one helmet rule, if they went with the dark gray uniforms they would either have to go with dark gray helmets all the time or mismatched uniforms and helmet.
  2. I would love to see MLB teams incorporate a look like this. Back in the early 1900s a lot of teams had all navy or all black or all charcoal gray uniforms as their road uniforms. This might be better for an occasional road alt, but I think it could work. Some examples: 1900 Cincinnati Reds 1901 Baltimore Orioles 1901 Chicago White Sox
  3. When the Reds introduced the new font/number as part of their identity package they made a big point that this was a custom font designed exclusively for them and they pretty much switched all of their identity over to this font. So most likely if they were to drop the black they would keep the font and just go with 2 colors.
  4. Exactly. I didn't do a good job of clarifying this either. Up until the 90s, whenever the Reds had a third color (other than red or white) as an accent color is was always navy blue. But the tribute armband on which the 90s vest look was based was in fact black. Also, the tribute armband was for the 1961 season. Armbands were added to both sets of vested uniforms for the 1962-1966 seasons.
  5. I'm kinda surprised the Blue Jays were the team in green in that one since the Reds have a St. Patrick's Day tradition... 5) The Cincinnati Reds debuted the first St. Pat's Day uniforms in front of a pissed-off George M. Steinbrenner in 1978. This New York Times article says it all. The Reds gave birth to tradition on March 17, 1978 when they trotted out wearing green-clad uniforms for their exhibition game against the New York Yankees in Tampa. George M. Steinbrenner III is quoted as saying "I think the green uniforms matched my complexion after seeing the inadequacies of the team that is supposed to be world champion." That note and article is courtesy of Todd Radom. Wanted to give proper credit.
  6. I just looked back at the articles around the time these uniforms were introduced and it looks like the red and black undershirts were options for both home and away but that the red ones were meant to be worn at home. So maybe it was intended for the black ones to be worn on the road. I remember the replica jerseys from that set had black sleeves on the home faux vests and red ones on the roads. When the road uniforms were paired with the red undershirts, the black arm band became more noticeable and served as a nice throwback to the 50s.
  7. When those particular road unis were introduced they were supposed to be paired with red undershirts. The black band around the arm opening was a throwback to the Frank Robinson-era vest uniforms. Unfortunately, they decided to wear the black undershirts almost full-time even with the home whites and it ruined the look.
  8. The irony is that the pinstripe vest was their uniform in one form or another from 1958-1966. So it was part of their historical identity and not some random choice.
  9. I have mixed emotions on this. The 2nd generation definitely cleaned up the inconsistencies but I'm still partial to the old non-outlined look. I actually think the pre-Big Red Machine version was the best. I would love to see them go back to just red and white though. That color scheme would be unique to them and would establish their identity better than the superfluous black does.
  10. Although the most memorable set of uniforms (i.e. the Big Red Machine era) had road grays with no white outline around the lettering or the numbers
  11. So the LA Chargers are going to look like UCLA. Works for me.
  12. Back in the early 20th Century there were teams with all lack road uniforms, or all navy. I would love to see the White Sox with an all-black or black with white pinstripes even. I like that a darker gray is now being used on some road unis too. Here's an example from 1917 from the White Sox
  13. On another note, I know the Panthers just changed their helmet logo but I think the funky stripes on their helmets are dated. The rest of the uniform set are fine although I do wish they'd make up their mind about whether they want to incorporate silver or not. I've always liked the look of silver helmets/pants or gold helmets/pants and the NFC South already has a black helmet team with the Falcons, but I've seen this car sticker around Charlotte a lot and I thought it would look good on a helmet
  14. I'm a Bengals' fan and I've always liked their current helmets. I wish they'd simplify their uniforms and de-emphasize the stripes on the jerseys and pants (maybe go with something like Memphis has). But I actually really like this design. You'd have to go with really conservative uniforms though or else it would be overkill. But this would allow something like the color rush uniform to make more sense.
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