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  1. well done penn state students, you are now rallying IN FAVOR OF pedophilia. you are showing the freaking world(it's on CNN too) how :censored:ing stupid you are. well :censored:ing done.

    Paterno is and was not ever a pedophile! They are rallying for the winning est coach of all time and the only coach that many people at Penn State ever knew. The man did not break the law and people are treating him like a horrible man, which he is not, at least in my opinion. This is a sad day for football!

    my advice for you is to ignore my posts, you wont like my opinons on this topic.

  2. Just heard on Scott Ferrall show: Penn State board of trustees to announce shortly Paterno's termination. He will not coach this weekend or the rest of the season. (link)

    nothing sad about it, he brought it upon himself for not calling the cops and getting the university in crap

  3. in my opinion, penn state just degraded the reputation of the big ten. i'm glad the idiots are out there, if reports are true. the students, for trying to shout down that guy who raised valid points, are douchecanoes of the highest order, and an embarrassment to penn state. the cover up on this was so big, and reached so far, that in my opinion, any diploma from there isnt worth the paper it's printed on

  4. i'm simply gpoing to say this :censored: joe :censored:ing parterno and :censored: penn state. they are both enablers for kidtouching and theydeserve to have NO FANS IN THE STADIUM for the remainder of their games. make them play in front of nobody. no TV either. and ban parterno from the :censored:ing stadium too.

  5. This is my concept. Notice a few things:

    1. Actually white socks.

    2. I changed it to the old fashioned stockings.

    4. I referenced the Chicago flag in the primary (the stars).

    3. I did this in Microsoft Paint, so it is sloppy.

    I was bored. I really like your concept as well as the surrent White Sox one, but I just felt like spicing things up a bit.


    friends dont let friends threadjack

  6. WOW! This has to be one of the MOST BORING concepts I have ever seen.

    WOW! what a douchenozzle. way to make a first impression, ass. with that said, the only thing i like about the concept is the colors. the uniform does seem a bit boring, you can , pardon the pun, jazz it up a bit.

  7. Part of me says, "If he wants the rights to that logo, he should ask the GBL to reactivate the Mesa Miners then!" Another part's saying "Just shut up".

    Both have worked out a compromise. Now I say: "They did what they could for this season, but they BETTER get a redesign for next season!"

    (then again, I'm frequently surrounded by semi-pro football, so ripoffs occur on a daily basis there)

    dude stop freaking posting. you bring NOTHING to the table

  8. if the UFL plays color on color unless the unis clash, i dont see a prolbem with vegas in silver. i think there should be "main" uniforms and "clash" uniforms, like in soccer. it'd be a unique concept for football.

  9. i'd love to see more FSU-style procombat unis. i think you could do some amazing things. think outside the box. the texans could have used horns somehow for the sleeve stripes. the jets one is cool, as are the others. a suggestion for the 49ers: they once wore silver and red, maybe put silver accents in somehow

  10. Here's an update. I removed the thin black strip at the cuffs of the sleeve, continued the gold portion on the back onto the front, and thickened the outlines on the alternate. Let me know what you think.


    I really like the logo on that alt. The black numbers would have to go white but I do like the update.

    no they wouldn't, the outline could be a tad thicker, but this is better. alternate jerseys are just that ALTERNATE. they can afford to be out there. these look awsome