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  1. it's modeled after ship it has historical references to the area.... on that basis, it's a cool kit and i hate manchester united. COME ON YOU SPURS
  2. so will their fight song be "hail to the washington racial slurs" now?
  3. yeah, i actually think, seeing everything together kraken fits perfectly for the team... they'll look good losing to the sharks next year
  4. for fox's sake, that looks great
  5. he means PA announcers, like announcing subs, point scorers like normally happens in a nba arena
  7. the sacramento logo is good, but i think if there's a way to put the urbs indom ita on there it should be on there, to provide a link between the USL years and the MLS years
  8. first off, as a lifelong 49ers fan let me just say *clears throat* LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO secondly, i can just say this: it's so crappy it's unbelieveable
  9. i just love how there are wings of redempption and DSP references on this thread.
  10. i like these, but imho contrasting front numbers make us look a bit like the d*dgers. like we're trying to take something our rival team uses. dunno how that'd fly with other giants fans
  11. i like it. although it might be interesting if nike did non white "clash kits" as another level of innovation. could make for some interesting uniforms
  12. as a lifelong 49ers fan it's hilarious to me that the rams rams'd it up this badly
  13. the reason is the OG niners owners went to santa clara university, whose colors are red, grey/silver and white
  14. i found their new uniforms
  15. we may WANT them to go full throwback but CAN they? like would the NFL actually allow a full and direct replacement of the throwbacks we love for the browns? i highly doubt it unless for an alternate. their new stuff may be retro/throwback inspired, but they actually might not be able to make them direct copies
  16. it's limitations of the uniform editor i used
  17. since we know they're being unveiled in april, figured i'd take a shot at them... the "system" is similar to the NBA: shield edition is home, icon is road, city edition is an alternate, legend edition is a throwback, and earned edition is for playoff teams and is deliberately different than their main uniforms. oh and i added a vintage white to the brown's color scheme should edit this to say, i made this on did the best i could with the limitations of the editor
  18. i wish they coulda gone with non white jerseys for the "road" bring some more color for those and still make them easy to tell apart
  19. i sadly couldnt ind a non curse word filled version of the "it's so crappy it's unbeliveable" chant but that is my reaction to it...Insert image from URL