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  1. the fitzroy fans would be in an uproar, especially because it HAS to be the fitzroy lion according to the merger agreement. changing it in any way breaks it
  2. zappers best unis in the league! i also love that the fcf has little fan communities that are growing by the week and working together to be better hiveminds for playcalling etc
  3. i know glacier boys and wild asses have a kinda horrible kit clash, but other than that, call me biased, but the zappers have the best unis in the league
  4. i'm calling them the washington football club or WFC
  5. montreal cosplaying as the CBC logo, but the diet coke version?
  6. it's so crappy it's unbelievable
  7. actually... with equipment manufacturer logos on helmets and stuff. we've had sponsor logos for years. the equipment companies pay the nhl to have their logo on stuff... they already HAD ads on the uniforms.. people are jsut losing their crap over other sponsors being put on the helmets for one season as a make good for their contracts that didnt get fufilled cause of the pandemic. the sky is not falling, chicken little. the NHL is not gonna turn into europe
  8. by this logic, there shouldnt be ads on the dasher boards surriounding the rink or on the ice, and yet there are. cant have one without the other
  9. it's ALL advertising. i am not being dense man. if you are against tim hortons being on a small space on a helmet, as is bauer or ccm, and those might actually be BIGGER, and you arernt against equipm,ent makers advertising on stuff. then YOU are dense my guy
  10. but it is my dude. bauer ccm etc are companies who have their branding on equipment. when you think about it, they're advertising in every level of the sport... yet people complain when ads for other companies than equipment suppliars show up on equipment. it wont go further than this season most likely NHL uniforms wont look like europ[[ean league uniforms, the sky is not falling chicken little.
  11. my point is we already get ads, the teams already work with these companies that are now on the helmet, which have had sponsors on them for DECADES... and just NOW people are complaining...
  12. to all you negative nancies, thee have been ads on helmets for decades... what do you call manufacturer logos? it's always been a thing since most of us can remember.
  13. i think you need to put some images in here , dawg.
  14. saw this and it might be a leak...
  15. they couldnt even stream their games on twitch with that name
  16. it would look like a weird trident kinda thing... to me it just looks off
  17. either have helmet stripes or the spear, i think both would look completely weird
  18. HOT TAKE: outside of sacramento(yeah home town bias :P) memphis won the city edition jersey sweepstakes
  19. boston gets a pass because it's based on their championship banners, imho
  20. detroit had a 'mare so to speak. imho