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  1. as a kings fan, i hope seattle never gets a team based on how they've acted during this. support your WNBA team first.

    Who watches the WNBA? I don't.

    seattle wants our NBA team, yet they dont go support their own pro basketball team, even if it is the WNBA, it's still pro basketball. besides, the seatrolls, mariners, and sounders all suck. sacramento is a one team town and you guys wont get our team. BTW where are your super bowls, seattle? oh that's right, you have NONE EDIT: lee, bite me. i will post if i want. this whole thing make me hate seattle. and oh by the way, seattle, where are your lombardi trophies?

  2. There really should be a minimum post requirement to start topics. And an "ignore" feature.

    Constructive criticism is fine but chill out, you act like you own this site or I did something illegal, grow up!

    Well, you pretty much did do something illegal.

    And just how much Jail Time am I possibly going to face Mr. Officer?! geeze you guys act like teenage girls, someone can't even make a post without hostility.

    Imo nothing I did was out of line just keep the negativity to yourselves, I only want positive criticism, quit acting like you're moderators & you don't have any ties of owning this site.

    stop posting.

  3. Hope the 49er fans don't destroy themselves over this. They have a very talented core of guys and a young QB. Just not their night.

    They won't. The future is bright. Once they move into their new stadium in 2014 they will be printing money hand over foot.

    we got screwed tonight plain and simple. the last offensive play for us WAS HOLDING AND WASNT CALLED..



    Don't be a dick.

    But yeah trademark late game win by the Quakes. But Yallop said it best, it's only halftime.

    excuse me, but we've beaten LA 3 times this year, twice at home, we won last night in ADDED TIME. they bitched about us in the media before the game, and they are whiny bitches, ESPECIALLY landon donovon. i am not being a dick, i am being a FAN

  5. way to go folks, i wouldn't be surprised if brave-bird doesn't finish posting them because you people are impatient. seriously, relax, he will post them when he is able to. he probably, like alot of people have this thing called a life.