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  1. My rankings: 1. Calgary - Nearly perfect, love the #, Helmet kinda sucks 2. B.C. - Very nice, but illegible # holds it back 3. Toronto - Nice look 4. Montreal - I don't like the helmet, monochrome look or unreadable red font for names; could be fixed up really nice 5. Saskatchewan - Too much "wheat", nice contrast in 2 shades of green 6. Hamilton - not bad, helmet is odd 7. Winnipeg - digital camo is terrible; should have some gold 8. Edmonton - Giant logo bugs me... Too plain otherwise 9. Ottawa - Plaid? Color swap of front logo is ugly Overall I'd have preferred no same-y templates or gimmicky logo-less helmets, but for one or two-shot unis I can live with it...
  2. You're wrong. Adding black to a color scheme absolutely is BFBS. Look, as other said, it would help the Flames' set to have at least a small amount of black. However, 99% of the time, it is added just to boost sales, and makes the gear look much worse. A team that has never had black in its set adding it to move merchandize is BFBS. They aren't doing it to add depth to the look, they aren't doing it to "go in a different direction," they are shoehorning black into their schemes because there are aparently a large number of morons who refuse to buy their team's merchandise unless it's black. The Mets making black an official team color is BFBS because it was jumping on the bandwagon and adding it for the sole purpose of selling more, despite the fact that it made them look much, much worse (only one or two people ever on this board actually believed that the dropshadow on the home and road jerseys actually made them look better). And actually, I'd prefer if teams insiting on BFBS just used a horribly out-of-place black alternate (like the Islanders) to ruining the team's other jersey/hats/etc (like the Mets). Nope! You're wrong. Black is just another color that can be added anytime. When the Canucks went back to Blue and Green did you call it BGFBGS? of course not. Well I hope not, but who knows... Teams change colors or add colors all the time. Sometimes it's blue, sometimes it's red, sometimes it's black. When the 1978 Canucks added black was it "BFBS"? No. By your argument, these changes are all financially motivated towards merchandising. Merchandising was not nearly as important then as it is now. The old story goes that Frank Griffiths wanted a meaner look for the team, and a psychologist chose black for that reason, along with the other bold colors of orange and gold. The Buffalo Sabres switch to Black, Red, Silver and White in 1996 (or 7) was also not BFBS. It was a new color scheme. "BFBS" was created to mean when a team wears a black uniform when there's no black in the color scheme, as a blatant money grab. The Mets had black in theirs, and whether or not you liked the look is irrelevant. The Mets changing colors was indeed geared towards making more money... and that's exactly the same as what happens when any team changes, or tweaks its color scheme. I know you'd probably call the Arizona Cardinals' black uniform black for black's sake, but I wouldn't... black is a team color and probably has always been. Now, I don't care for their all-black look, but that's irrelevant too. Black's in their scheme. The New York Islanders would fit your "BFBS" expression. They have never had black as a team color and as an alternate, the purpose of the uniform is pretty clearly to make money. You mean a vintage white Millionaires throwback like this? Where did this come from?? I was wondering the same thing. That thing is awesome!
  3. It would also be BFBS if the Redwings shoehorned black into their existing jerseys and/or logo. Just adding black to the entire scheme doesn't excempt it from being BFBS. The Mets had established themselves as a blue and orange team for 36 years, so adding black as a third (but really primary) official color certainly wasn't justified. God, I hate the expression BFBS, I felt dirty just using it to reply... everyone throws it around haphazardly yet everyone seems to have a different idea of what it means. Anyway, adding black to a list of team colors isn't "BFBS" (ugh). Teams nowadays do so much more often than in the past because yes, it sells but now it's popular and even expected. Look at the guy I responded to calling for adding black to the classic Flame uni! I don't really care if the Mets wore blue and orange (and white, and grey) for 36, or 360 years. Teams tinker with schemes all the time, and adding black to the list of colors used is no different than a team changing shades of a given color, or to add another color entirely. Adding black was surely motivated by sales but it was subsequently featured on all the Mets' unis for years, so from that angle it's silly to complain about a team color getting used. (If the team added silver would you call it SFSS? ) It does annoy me somewhat when a team uses colors not in its scheme for alternates such as black (hello, Islanders) or any other color, such as light blue in the Panthers' former alternate uniform.
  4. I hope not--those were awful--and a lot of others were glad to see them go. I can't get why they'd dump the retro ones though--that was their best look. sI get that you're from Calgary, but no. This is one example where I can honestly look at a retro design and hate everything about it. There's a severe lack of contrast there, and if ever a jersey called out for BFBS, it was that. There's nothing wrong with the original Flames uniform as it is. Besides, it's a THROWBACK and the original didn't have black in it, so adding it would sort of miss the point. Also, BFBS wouldn't apply since black is a color in Calgary's scheme and has been since the 90's. It would suck if they added black to the throwback, but even if they did they'd just be using one of their colors... BFBS would be (for example) if Detroit came out with an all-black alternate while not making black an official color and keeping their other unis the same.
  5. Most of us may find the designs less than what they could have been, but let's all take a moment and thank the heavens that they weren't worse. Remember the Reebok Edge Oilers design? And the still living Blues design, to name two? Apron strings, needless piping, stripes that stop halfway around the arm, no hem stripes... at least those little Reebok touches weren't carried on here.
  6. Thanks to that damn unveiling video I still have "Rock You Like a Hurricane" in my head. Thank you very much.
  7. The look on Staal's face during the "event" was comical, he looked like he'd rather be elsewhere. I should have saved a screenshot of that, it was ripe for captioning.
  8. White looks all right, Red needs more black in it... I usually don't like mismatching designs and this is certainly the case here. Also, the Canes management guy said that the revenue generated from the sale of jersies is relatively minimal and thus the change had nothing to do with money? What a crock.
  9. Doug Flutie also wore 22 with the B.C. Lions of the CFL, though I'm not sure why 22 would be bizarre or unusual...
  10. Maybe not anymore without Onrait and O'Toole I thought Onrait and O'Toole stunk when they tried to be funny during their shows. They tried WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard to be funny. Ohhhh, so much THIS. I can't stand those two, especially Onrait. I greatly welcome the news that they will be leaving Sportscentre (woo hoo!). Why can't most sports anchors just... I don't know... READ THE SPORTS like they are supposed to without an avalanche of unfunny jokes and unwanted improptu singing? I find myself saying to the screen "...Just shut up already and tell me the score!". Some anchors can pull off occasional humor during a newscast, but not these two idiots.
  11. The Griffin looks like he's letting out a Booger-sized (see Revenge of the Nerds) belch.
  12. ramrod

    CFL 2012

    Agreed. I was hoping they'd go with the classic jerseys full time with the change this year. As was I. The retros are one of my favorite sets in all of football. While I'm thinking of it, Winnipeg should dig up thier old retros as well because this: is downright beautiful and needs to be seen every season. I agree for the most part (those Bombers unis were great) but as I've already complained, the busted and missing stripes on the Riders look like crap. However I forgot to mention that the pants stripes bother me too as there should be no black in them. They are just the old regular pants the Riders used (up to last year) after they dropped the silver pants. They also need nice big rounded numbers on the back of the helmets like the originals had... So, they just come across to me as a big inaccurate mish-mash. With all their flaws I don't see them as any great improvement on the current regular Rider uniforms. It's such a shame these days that "kinda close" in a retro is often considered good enough. Also: Thanks a lot whoever mentioned the mismatched golds in the Winnipeg uniform! Now that's all I see when I look at them! lol
  13. ramrod

    CFL 2012

    Their retros have always had busted stripes and it's always driven me crazy. It looks like crap on the Indianapolis Colts too. I really like the look of the Rider originals, with the shoulder loops and the sorely missing horizontal double arm stripes. They could still make it that way, they just don't want to. The jersies the Riders wore from 2004 or 5 to last year had good shoulder loops, and if they'd used that template for the throwback and just made the central black shoulder stripe green, as well as added some horizontal stripes to the arms (like the Argonauts and Tiger-Cats have proven is still do-able) it would have looked great. Stick a retro logo in the space between the stripes, and you've got a real winner (numbers would probably not fit).