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  1. That Halifax crest is absolute class. Love it. DC United, first of all, WE GOT OUR NEW STADIUM HALLELUJAH! 2nd, as I told you before, the crest is very good, like Mockba I always thought the orange star and ball look out of place but the DC flag in the back makes up for it. VW is no longer the sponsor but it doesnt really matter in this concept. The jerseys look close to the last 2 years, which is our best in years imo. Great job.
  2. I love the Baltimore one. Dont change a thing. Love the Calvert home and the Crosslands change, very Under Armour, very appropriate. Well done.
  3. I wouldve liked to see what you could do with Impacts crest but the stripes is what they should be wearing.
  4. The Revs are perfect. Love the sublimated straps like an old Revolutionary War uniform. Keep it up, and if you ever do DC United, redo the crest is all I ask!
  5. Getting a result at home vs LA is as good as it gets for DC United this year. Gives us hope for the Open Cup. Yeah, we'll see. Happy it happened on Jaime Moreno Night. He didnt deserve a performance like the ones they put out all year long.
  6. Watching DC United vs Chivas USA. Its as exciting as it sounds.
  7. Why is it not smart for the NASL to play through the World Cup? Little to none of their players will be taken and its not like Americans are making a mass exodus to go to Brazil so no one will go to their games. I dont get it. Seems like theyre making it complicated for no reason. As far as I know MLS is not taking a break and a lot more of their players will go to the World Cup.
  8. Bale went to Madrid! Who ever saw that one coming??
  9. RSL and Portland have played 3 times in 4 weeks and the Timbers defense has been woeful in all of those meetings. Even when RSL was without Saborio and Beckerman...When the offseason rolls around they NEED to find someway to shore up the middle of the park, especially at the back. Their D has been terrible. They lost Wil Johnson to injury too. Its a shame theyre wasting the promising start they had cause the playoffs in Portland would be amazing. Need someone to root for since my own club will in all likelihood be picking 1st overall.
  10. That RSL/Timbers game was insane. Timbers look in danger of slipping out of the playoffs if they dont get it together on the road. Losing Valeri is huge too.
  11. This. I dont live in the Metro area, about an hr south and it would be a giant cluster F of epic proportions. I cant imagine the security, road closures, traffic makes me shudder. The Beltway cant handle federal workers getting off at the same time for :censored:'s sake.
  12. Well England sure didnt help Michael Bradley (Sorry Crash) I hope not, says the Newcastle supporter.