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  1. "There are no geniuses in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." --Joe Theismann Coming from a guy who knows a lot about not being a genius.
  2. This is my Caps tat I got done in February.
  3. I have one of those, size L CCM. Sorry I plan on getting Juneau 90 on the back with the 98 Cup patch on it. LOL! That's pretty much what I was planning on doing aswell. But with Oates or Bondra on the back. Juneau scored the goal to send us to the Finals, hence why Juneau. Plus he builds freaking planes!
  4. I have one of those, size L CCM. Sorry I plan on getting Juneau 90 on the back with the 98 Cup patch on it.
  5. Who is this "Peter Pondra" you speak of? I've got that blue jersey, found one in Colorado for 30 bucks, just gotta get up the want to get it customized for BONDRA. I think my white whale would be a Detroit Vipers jersey from the year of the lockout when Peter BONDRA played for them (sorry DC that bugs the hell out of me). I know a board member here got a hold of one and decided to rub it in to me, bastard. (You know who you are!)
  6. Beat you to it on the previous page (although they are shots from me ) It's weird seeing the recolored banners having fresh creases in them, especially when the feats were accomplished ten to twenty years ago. oops, shoulda read the last page hehe.
  7. then you would hate these new banners hanging from Verizon Center.
  8. As has been said before, damn I hope hes clean.
  9. WOW! not that I've ever been a huge fan of Fuhr, but I have no recollection of him in Calgary... I mean playing for the next door rivals??? how desparate do you have to be??? Well, almost as much as thinking you can rekindle the glory years by re-uniting with the one (The Great One) who allowed you to win Stanley Cups with a 3.87, 3.44 & 3.43 GAA (and a Vezina wih 3.43!!!) desperate enough to be on pros vs joes?
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