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  1. The yellow/black stripe design is a nod to the legendary Manchester nightclub the Hacienda (Fac. 51) and the music of the city.
  2. This not going down well with us Welsh fans
  3. My beloved local EFL League Two club Newport County has Jazzi Barnum-Bobb in defence.
  4. Right about Stanley . Chile has O'Higgins (after Bernardo I think) and there is a Belgrano in Argentina
  5. Add to them Crewe Alexandra and Accrington Stanley
  6. Imagine if Cockermouth had a League team!
  7. Bob Bradley is the new coach of Swansea City
  8. Welsh dragons are red,the only time we've seen a blue was on the former Cardiff City/Bridgend Blue Dragons RL team in the '80's.
  9. Population - slightly less than Uruguay. Economics - How does that affect a team? Nameless - My name is Mike Mcloughlin and I have been watching my country play for 40+ years.The current form says we are one of the best four teams in Europe and have one of the world's best players.We've had too many reality checks in the past so I must humbly beg your forgiveness for daring to actually enjoy a very rare success for our country! WC Qualifying - Which country do you follow? How easy is their route?Would they get out of any UEFA group? Allocation - Still not 50% though Best Teams etc- Last time they were there New Zealand went out undefeated.Why shouldn't they have the same chance as everyone else? Slots - Increasing the Asian and African allocations improved the game there no end.Would regular Inter-American competition not help to improve the current CONCACAF nations? Best teams? - Not always,sometimes absolute joke sides get in where better sides from other areas don't but that is the beauty of the game.To stifle the world game the way the CL stifles most club football would be a mistake.
  10. What is the problem? All success starts with one win so how do we know this isn't the start of something for however long it lasts?You seem to resent the fact that not only did Wales qualify after years of often heartbreaking near misses(look them up) but that they did way better than some supposed superior nations when they got there.The vast majority of football fans around the world seemed to enjoy our adventure and we managed to get two players in the Team Of The Tournament (should have been three-Bale had a better all round tournament than Ronaldo).As for South American football - not too clever recently..Brazil haven't excited really since '82 and Europe has won 4 out of the last 5 World Cups.If there's to be no merger then reduce CONMEBOL's representation and give one to an unmerged Oceania or increase CONCACAF,s.No confederation these days should have 50% of their teams qualify.
  11. CONMEBOL and CONCACAF should merge as should Asia and Oceania.You seem to have a rather inflated opinion of South American football and a puzzling problem with Wales.