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  1. (Click Pic) Thank you. It's fantastic.
  2. Could I get a Cardinals Rodgers-Cromartie 29 or Fitzgerald 11 in the Arizona Cardinals new black?
  3. Here's my try at an alternate helmet. I think it makes the entire thing look better than the white helmet.
  4. espo

    NFL 2010-2011

    It's 4:10 here in Phoenix right now. Hearing the jersey might have a retro influence to it. Hoping for a different color helmet to go with it myself. It's 5:00. They're on MST this time of the year. hmmm....i googled arizona time and it said 4:00. I trust you though haha!I probably didnt look close enough
  5. Check out this crazy jersey mix up. It's a combination of the Diamondbacks and Astros and was actually found in a store in Phoenix.
  6. I would love to see one of these too.
  7. I really love the Titants of New York
  8. If you want to use the original lettering why not make the top of the Y and the N into buildings. That way you would have four buildings and it would look like a skyline.
  9. espo

    Blog Logo Concept

    Yet another round of revisions i made.
  10. espo

    Blog Logo Concept

    How about this?
  11. espo

    Blog Logo Concept

    My blog is an Arizona sports one and I have been trying to come up with something for awhile. I finally came up with this idea. I was shotting to make the a and z look like a cactus. I look forward to your comments.
  12. espo

    NBA Lineup Sigs

    Nice. How about a Suns one
  13. I stand corrected its not an exact knock off but its very close to it.
  14. The moon is an exact knock off of the coyotes with just a city skyline added.
  15. espo

    Jersey Wallpaper