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  1. 4 hours ago, andrewharrington said:

    Meanwhile, the Blackhawks, Devils, Hurricanes and Senators have long worn white numbers with black trim on their red jerseys, and we survived.


    Yeah, that's two too many; the Senators should always be in black sweaters, and the Hurricanes should come up with anything else.

  2. Ehh, cuts too close to the Maple Leafs down the road. If you have the Leafs in white numbers on dark royal, the Sabres in gold numbers on dark royal, and the Blues in gold/navy/white triple-layer numbers on a lighter shade of blue, you'd have a nice separation, I think.

  3. Wow, what a surprise, another great "analytics-minded" organization is really just being cheap. 


    Forslund was wasted on Raleigh anyway; no one watches Hurricanes games and the other guy is a dolt. It'd be funny if he went to Tampa Bay, following Rick Peckham there as he did in Hartford. 

  4. Cam Newton probably deserved a better contract but he also probably shouldn't have stood around with his thumb up his ass instead of diving on the ball four years ago. The extent to which his blackness contributed to how that play has stained him for life is up for discussion but you know how this league thinks at the management level. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Ark said:

    First of all saying the Diamondbacks "copied" the Rockies is pretty weird. No one would ever confuse their identities.


    Absolutely. You'd confuse the Rockies with the White Sox.

  6. The Canucks were red-orange, yellow, and black because it was the '70s and that was the kind of thing you did back then, but then a new uniform manufacturer didn't make that same reddish-orange dye, so they had to switch to regular red. Maybe there's something Canadian about that.

  7. It's kind of a typical CCSLC thing to poke into a binary argument with a third choice (ball-in-glove vs. barley? no, the best is the Motre Bame), but both primary D-Backs sets are bad and the true path forward is brick red and turquoise.