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  1. Since we're discussing Oregon uniforms in an "unpopular opinions" thread: I think this is by far their best look ever. As in, this uniform is miles and miles better than any of the "modern" stuff they wear now. I have a feeling that'll be an unpopular opinion on these boards.
  2. As I just posted in the 2012 MLB Logo Changes thread, I wish the Twins would move to this combo full time: I think that's an opinion that's pretty popular out amongst most fans, but wouldn't be here. Might be wrong though.
  3. I don't completely hate purple, but I absolutely hate teal. I truly wish I could eradicate it from sports. It is a truly terrible looking eyesore of a color that belongs nowhere near a sports uniform. Not sure if this a completely unpopular opinion, though it probably is: I can't stand the extremely wide piping (probably better termed as "stripes") on the White Sox road uniform. It would be a pretty good looking uniform otherwise. Personally, I think the White Sox might do well by introducing some red trim to their uniforms - perhaps a red outline instead of gray on the "Sox" logo on the home jersey, and a red outline of "Chicago" on the road uniform. A little, subtle nod to all the times they've worn red in their history. But I'm not completely sold on that idea - I like the Sox home pinstripes as they are, and I'd have to see how their road uniform looks without the awful piping. I think red trim might be able to play off of black when placed on a white or gray background though.
  4. Not only the "wrong" uniform, but the "wrong" name.
  5. Here's Lee with Harrisburg (Expos organization) Here's Brandon Phillips with the Expos: & with the Indians: I have both a Brandon Phillips and Cliff Lee prospect card (Expos), but couldn't find either... It's amazing to think how good some of those Expos teams could've been if they held onto their talent. Granted, Lee didn't break out for many years after they dealt him, but the names they gave away over the last 20+ years...
  6. Yeah... He does look a bit strange in an A's uniform. I spelled it that way as a subtile hint. Andre in a A"s uni is really wierd. nice going getting the hint BS. What were the hints in these words you also just misspelled? Wait what? thats the way my mom told me those words were spelled. but I intended to misspell Etiher to give that hint Did you purposely misspell "Ethier" a second time to give another hint?
  7. Thanks for the guidance newbie Newbie? I've been registered here since July 2007. I'm more of a lurker than a newbie. Get off your high horse.
  8. If anyone considers the Royals, A's, Sox, or Yanks to be the "wrong" uniform for Damon, they're seriously misguided. I personally associate him most with the Yanks, but that's because I'm a Yankees fan and he was here more recently than his tenure with the Sox. Objectively, he's equally associated with the Sox and the Yanks. This thread is for things like Emmitt Smith as a Cardinal or Bobby Hull as a Whaler, not LeBron James as a Cav.
  9. You're the guy! Oh, and I generally like cream uniforms/trim, such as the SF Giants' home unis or the trim on the NY Rangers' fauxbacks. Yup, I'm that guy.
  10. To go with the Brewers talk on the last page, here's an unpopular opinion: I actually prefer their current scheme to the old blue and athletic gold. And I like their uniforms and logos, generally. They look better now than they ever have in their history, I'd say.
  11. Wouldn't it be easier or quicker if you just posted a NY Yankees team photo and put arrows on everyone that was "home grown?" Fact: the New York Yankees have more homegrown players on their roster than any other AL team, and the 2nd most out of all MLB teams. Jeter, Cano, Posada, Cabrera, Pettitte, Rivera, Chamberlain, Hughes, Coke, Robertson, Aceves, Gardner, Cervelli. And this is also the only ML organization Matsui has ever been with. Oh, and get used to Tex and CC in pinstripes - 7 and 6 years remaining on their respective contracts. Sorry free agency was established in baseball. (BTW, was Manny in a Sox uniform wrong? What about Beltran in a Mets uni? Or Guerrero in Angels gear? I could keep going.)
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