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  1. Is it me or is this officiating crew looking a little too hard for penalties (many of them phantom calls) to call. Are they seriously that bored?
  2. I know some are saying Sean Payton and Drew Brees to Philadelphia but a dark horse coaching candidate might be, K.C. Keeler. He may not have NFL experience, let alone D-IA (FBS) experience and Lurie might shy away from a second straight HC with no experience after Chip Kelly. However, Keeler is that hometown guy ( Emmaus, PA) and is no-nonsense guy but treats his players as human beings. I would say Keeler knows the and probably could handle the passionate and volatile nature of many Eagles fans than most. Of course Keeler seems happy and Sam Houston, so... (Yes, I’ve been thinking a little too hard - that’s never good)
  3. Well, as a Sharks fan it’s the Sharks organization’s own fault for letting their AHL team play in the same arena. Besides, the ice at the Tank has never been great. Team Teal did get the win tonight 4-2. The Big Pavelski with two great goals.
  4. Another missed fake special teams play because the Evil Empire is too busy showing a replay... C’mon man!!
  5. Wow. 35-0 in first Quarter. BYU misses FG... ESPN says Will Grier to transfer from Florida. So Treon Harris vs Grady? http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14399127/will-grier-transfer-florida-gators-amid-one-year-suspension
  6. Haven't really followed prep football this much in a while, but every once in a while, I'll peek at Maxpreps and Calpreps to see how De La Salle, CCS and Pac-5 teams are doing. This year they're going bonkers with Bowl Games!! For those that don't know, California has no true high school state playoff tournament. The other state in the same boat is New Jersey. What California does have is "Bowl Games". For the last few years the state has increased the number of bowl games going from 1-3-5 and then last couple of years they did Regional Bowl Games. This year the CIF has expanded the Regional Bowl Games to 14 in the North and 13 in the South. Divisions are as follows: Open 1AA and 1A 2AA and 2A 3AA and 3A 4AA and 4A 5AA and 5A Open: Small Schools (enrollment of <1250) 6AA: Three teams qualify, with one playing the winner of the play-in game (Stone Ridge Christian vs Mission-SF). Each Division (1AA-Open Small) above will have 4 teams above (2 North and 2 South). The top team in the North (projected: De La Salle) and top team in the South (projected: winner of Centennial (Corona)/St. John Bosco) will be placed in a SBG and will have no regional. Here are the number of qualifiers get per section: North Coast - 5; Central Section - 6; Central Coast - 5; Northern - 4; Oakland -1; SF - 1; Sac-Joaquin - 7; Southern - 13; LA City - 3; San Diego - 6. Central Section's Divisions 1, 3, 5 will be placed in the north. Central Section Divisions: 2, 4, 6 will be in the South. The CIF Bowl Selection Committee will make sure Central Sections do not play each other in a Championship Bowl Game. Two teams from will be placed into each grouping. Only Section Division champs are eligible, except for the CCS (Central Coast) which will send it's three Open Division Champs and two of the three runners-up. So the CCS knows 4/5 teams going: Bellarmine, St. Francis, Oak Grove and Milpitas are locked in. The Winner of the Open III Section championship between Riordan and Sacred Heart Prep will be the 5th spot. The winners of the Regional Bowl Games will face the North-South opponent from the same classification. Personally, I think it's much less convoluted to just have a state playoff, but because California is run by somewhat independent Sections and eliminating the sectional playoffs seems to be a no go when discussing a potential state playoff. Anyway, while I didn't expect to spend this much time into prep football, it's somewhat exciting and now after trying to do my own mock state playoff I'm now way more invested than I should be. At least my Alma mater has a chance to go bowling. Let me know if you need clarity on this - because as can you see I've studied this quite a bit I'll post the projected matchups in a little bit. Here's the qualification bylaws, etc.
  7. Wow. Not to be pessimistic (which means I'm going to be): So next season all personal foul penalties and pass interference will be either reviewable and/or challengeable. Though that penalty gave GB the chance for an extra play and while I'm pretty sure Packers players boxed out, I saw one of the Lions defenders almost willingly go behind the receivers - if you give them the opportunity to create a wall... So when will we'll see a State Farm Rodgers & Rodgers discount double-check commercial coming.
  8. Win six in a row, on a perfect road trip, then you come home and play your worst game of the season...smh. If it wasn't for Jones 'Hawks probably would have won the game 10-2
  9. The officiating was awful and Why keep the Bills from running a play while you announce the result - if you're going to announce something stop the clock until your done and then wind it. Also, Patriots might have had a TD on the inadvertent whistle and then the whistle was blown while the ball was in the air which would have been replay of the previous down and the personal foul penalty on Ryan would have been nullified. I wasn't rooting for any team more or less and I was screaming at the refs in the TV it was bad - not replacement refs bad, but not much better.
  10. Shark down 3-1 early in the third period rattle off four straight goals and beat the Beej 5-3. I thought when the Sharks let the early goal in they were going to go into turtle mode and just rest up for Chicago, but they apparently found some energy and/or Columbus went into turtle mode.
  11. Sharks beat Penguins 3-1. Patrick Marleau had 2 assists for his 1000th and 1001 points. Paul Martin also scored against his former team. Team Teal 5-0 so far on their six game road trip and have jump to a tie for first place in the Pacific with the Kings.
  12. Baylor just scored again, leading the pokes 38-14 in the 3rd Quarter. Baylor player just shh'd the crowd - Um, dude I know your up 24, but you might want to shh the crowd after the win, this is Oklahoma State we're talking about.
  13. I'm not sure why the Sharks ever stopped wearing their original sweaters. These Heritage ones are just as fantastic with the dark shade of teal - which I could see better on TV than their current shirt-sweaters. Even the old logo still works. Last I heard, Kurz said they were talking to the league to wear them more than initial three times they announced; possibly wearing them in place of those black "leaky-armor" jerseys. However, with the loss, players, when asked "What slowed you down?" they can respond with "Stripes were too heavy." :roll eyes: Pavelski seemed to do Okay with the extra weight...
  14. Is it me or has there been an increase in TV Networks missing live plays because they are late returning from commercial and/or still trying to show the 15th view of the replay? ESPN just spent way too long showing a replay of an unsportsmanlike penalty and came back at the end of a play in the Penn State/Maryland game. - This is just one example of what seems to be coming more common, unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing how WKU stacks up against LSU. Edit: Um, speaking of WKU/LSU, might be a slip & slide type of game: pic.twitter.com/h83x5rCmVp 6m
  15. I wish the TV announcers would stop playing into the "tie goes to the runner" myth. I know that they aren't necessarily required to know all the rules - but it's fairly easy to look up.
  16. WHAT THE ??????? Spooky Saturday for Big Blue.
  17. Let's drive a car across the ice as the Zamboni leaves the ice, New Jersey. At first glance I though maybe they attached a ice scraper to the back of the car. Also what's with the car theme with the NY/NJ teams?
  18. That's pretty good. I had tested a dark purple, green and blue and I think it looked okay, but something was off. This just popped into my head, so I did a quick recolor. ^ This actually looks pretty good in it's icon on my desktop. The depth really seems to work. But yeah the T-Wolves need to add some sort of green - but they also need to determine on the shade of blue they want. Personally, I'd remove the black. They have one of the better logos in the NBA (I will not call it 'The Association') but they're uniforms are very Maverick-ish.
  19. Just turned on the Coyotes/Kings game early in the second and it was 2-0 Arizona. It's now 4-0 Desert Dogs, Staples Center is quiet and a bit perturbed. There were a few boo birds when Quick let in the fourth goal. Also what's the stance of the Coyotes new threads - at first glance they look like an old-timey baseball team on ice.
  20. Minnesota down 4-1 to Avalanche starting 3rd period. Under 10minutes to go in 3rd period Wild lead 5-4. Welcome back hockey!
  21. Here's Puck Daddy's explanation. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/why-dustin-brown-wasn-t-suspened-for--head-butt--on-logan-couture-164900844.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw Thanks for the article, though to me that's going to length to find a reason not to suspend him. Yes, I'm bias because it's on the Sharks - the fact he was hunted the whole night which, I guess it's the repercussions of having Torres on your team. but the NHL sees head-butts as something more premeditated, like the kind delivered during a scrum. I couldn't find this anywhere in the rulebook. Why is it that leagues create rules but then are called out on it come up with some unwritten definition that is the more acceptable form. I'll even accept the part where it says he didn't pick the head, but I still maintain that he lowered his head into the upper chest area and drove it into him. Maybe that's not a suspension, but at least a fine. ​The whole things irks me because of the league's inconsistency and seemingly preferential treatment to specific players. If Crosby does this what's the result? If Byfuglien does this what's the result? If Mike Brown does this, what's the result? I'm not saying the league needs to have a standardized penalty, but they need to do something different or the perception of favoritism will play on." I will say that Logan's check on Lucic was hilarious though I knew Lucic as going to beeline towards him - and Couture laughing as Lucic came over - I though careful Logan laugh it out when Lucic can't see you.
  22. This just in, Per NHL Live/NESN: Dustin Brown will not be suspended for his hit on Logan Couture. They league will contact Dustin and tell him they didn't like it - basically a warning. The league's reasoning? They didn't have enough evidence to warrant a suspension. Wow. Just Wow. I'm just a little ticked at the league - it doesn't do any good to complain about this anymore - apparently Dustin Brown can do anything he wants on the ice, illegal or not. Not that I'm at all surprised. At least Couture didn't get suspended for getting in Brown's way.
  23. Good win by the Sharks. Let's keep it up. Nice all around game. Who's this Deboer guy? Oh and Dustin Brown rear's his head again - literally this time. Glad Couture is okay. Dustin's "accidentally on purpose" excuses might have run their course tonight His, " lowering the crown of helmet and seemingly launching yourself head first into a player's face." Which is pretty much the definition of head-butting. Per NHL Rulebook, Rule 47 Head-Butting: Brown was suspended a couple seasons ago for two games an elbow to the face. So he's now a repeat offender. Initial point of contact is the head. I would say 5-8 games is warranted. However, it's Dustin Brown who apparently, can wield Jedi mind tricks on the Commissioner, so who knows if he'll be suspended at all.
  24. I knew the offense couldn't bat the ball out of the end zone to avoid the defense recovering for a TD - I think the rule in that case is safety for Defense, and the kicking them must kick from their own 10, but that's pure speculation. I guess I figured it was illegal batting when Seattle's D did it, but when no flag was thrown I thought maybe it was allowed. I would say guess of why the defensive player batting the ball out of the end zone isn't allowed would be the similar to if it was an offensive player trying to avoid a Defensive TD - the possibility that the offense would have a chance to recover it in the end zone which would go back to the spot of the fumble unless the player that fumbles recovers the ball - it would be TD. As for kicking out of the end zone - I have no idea. Gerry Austin said this illegal batting rule has been in the rulebook since before he was officiating, but some of the other rules I think they're making up as they go along.
  25. Really? Really?? Dude, no... How would that be illegal batting? Come to think of it, since when was there a rule for batting the ball out of a man's hands? And this is about is that the Kitten and their fans are Sore. Losers. LEH-HOO. SEI-ERS. Not out of Johnson's hand, that's a fumble - the incident in question is Seattle's #50 Wright batting the ball out of the end zone. If the official deemed it intentional it's a 10 yard penalty and the ball goes back to the spot of the fumble - meaning Detroit's ball at the 6-inch line. Dean just confirmed the flag should have been thrown. It's not about sore losers it's about officials missing another big big call in Seattle.