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  1. The Round of 64 is complete. Bracket updated! I had UC Irvine upsetting K-State and Murray State over Marquette in at least one bracket, but I missed on some of the other matchups.
  2. Hi all, I wasn't sure I'd get this done with family visiting, and little rug rats running around but I think I made it before the Round of 64 starts. My annual bracket wallpaper is here. Details on Creation process below image. Round of 32 Initial Bracket Size: 3840x2160 Notes: Since I've gone with a wood floor background every installation I've done these, I decided it was time for a change. The dark blue, golden gray and green were chosen because the Final Four and Championship Game is in Minnesota and it went with the Final Four logo. - I kept the format from last year as it was the best format to read the schools. - School logos are uniformed on the same background. Partially because I liked the aesthetic, but really to cut down on creation time. - New font that is hopefully easier to read, hopefully not comic-sans-y. - Records in Minnesota Green to stand out. Thinking scores will be green for the wining team and navy blue for the losing team, but haven't really decided. - Fog in front of the blue background because I think it looks cool. The added Logo to look like it was rising out of fog wasn't really planned, but I'll take it. I've more than triple-checked my work for spelling errors, etc. However, I've been working on this for a while, I may have missed something, let me know if you notice anything. Will do my best to update the bracket in a timely manner. Enjoy!!
  3. I was a little late getting started, (family visiting) but I’m working on the NCAA Tournament Bracket Wallpaper and  hope to have it out Tuesday, before start of the First Four if not sooner. :)


  4. If Fiverhirtyeight’s predictor is right, Notre Dame fans and probably a lot of college football fans in general might just be a tad miffed. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2018-college-football-predictions/
  5. All season the broadcasters and commentators of college football somewhat contradict themselves by saying “the best four teams in the country” then some say “the best four teams tight now” as the season closes and conference champions are crowned. I’m fairly confident it confuses people, because those are two different eye-test factors. Does the committee weigh the decision more into the four best teams of the country based on the entitety of the season or do the base it on the four best teams each given week. The committee can say whatever they want, I make the conclusion based on what they do. In that transcript its said they look at games week to week, which tells me its weighted more on “what are you doing now?”. It was evident in the Buckeye’s jump from 10-6. To me the issue arises when a team like Michigan gives up 62 points in agame, the comittee only drops the three spots because their losses were to current #3 Notre Dame and current #6 Ohio State. That to me shows they are basing Michigan’s standing on the seaon, but it doesnt seem that it’s that way for all top 25 teams. I really think the committee basesome teams on their season as an overall and others as what are they doing now. While the BCS I think unfairly favored certain power conferences, the lack of public knowledge of how the committee operates is more a detriment. No system will be perfect and just spitballing here, but I think a weighted system of 1/3 Coaches, 1/3 Committee and 1/3 BCS type computers to determine the final four or even six team (no more than six) would be better. Of course many people that a human committee would be better, so who knows.
  6. I’m curious as to why you think two 1-loss teams should get in over undefeated Notre Dame?
  7. Hello,


    Do you still have the logos for the Las Vegas Spartans ? I want to use it in NBA 2K19 franchise on PS4.


    Thank you in advance.

  8. Wait, you didn't expect the officiating in the playoffs to be good, did you? Bad officiating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs has basically become a tradition. In the last ten years or so, I've come to realize that regardless of what the NHL says at the beginning of the season in regards to their emphasis on some penalty, or that they the same call that is made in Game 1 of the regular season will be called the same in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. I now just do what I assume every other fan does and just do this: ?? I did too. I saw the open net, open Golden Knight and was like oh boy, but when the Vegas players didn't start celebrating, I figured Holtby saved it some how and he did. I wasn't sure at first with Tuch, because I thought he was just relieved that he had tied the game.
  9. Bracket Updated and Available. Maybe just maybe the Loyola-Chicago vs Purdue Final can happen!!
  10. The Round of 64 is now complete. History was made on Friday March 16, 2018 with the first ever 16 seed defeating a 1 seed: UMBC Retrievers defeating Overall Number One Seed, Virginia, 74-54. Bracket Wallpaper has bee updated. Enjoy!!
  11. Sorry, fell into a trance where this UMBC team beat Virginia. Thankfully that trance is over and I'm back in real...wait what just happened? I actually watched the entire second half and UMBC never looked scared, intimidated and Virginia looked confused, frustrated and cold until about the 10 minute mark of the second half. Of couse everytime UMBC got up by 12-14, I'd look down at the game clock on my screen and I swear it was going in slow motion. Congrats to UMBC, in the 5-6 years I've been doing bracket wallpaper, I know eventually a 16 seed would beat a 1, little did I know it would be the overall number one. Also in case anyone isn't aware - the first 16 seed upsets a 1 seed on the 16th of March, how did I not see this coming?
  12. Well it's that time of year again, where there is basketball madness in March and my Bracket Wallpaper. I was happy with the majority of last year's design, but did change a few things, including a new font. Not sure if it's an upgrade or downgrade from last year's font -which is still in use for the Regional Sites. 3/16: Round of 64 complete. 3/21: Round of 32 Bracket Available. With other adjustments, I didn't see what I felt was enough room for the First Four by itself, so I just put the matchups in their respective sections of the brackets and will just add the winners after Tuesday/Wednesday.
  13. For those that want to know how Marleau was welcomed back in San Jose, here's the tribute video and reception: https://www.nhl.com/video/sharks-celebrate-marleaus-return/t-290937600/c-54052403 Sharks won the game 3-2.
  14. The local ESPN Radio (probably a national show) said the following about an hour before the game: "We expect a 1-1 game tonight, which means it's probably going to be a 11-12 game" We're getting close to that (one team even has 11). FYI: No it wasn't Tony Romo that predicted it.
  15. Thanks. That's what I figured. I also thought I saw Any Reid half down the sideline complaining to the refs after the play and thought he was asking about that rule.