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  1. I’ve never been to Toronto but I would hope that the cheering an injury isn’t reflective of the city of Toronto nor the Raptors fanbase as a whole, but it wasn’t a good look for the Arena from what I saw on the US feed. Nor do I think it was the mess that the media is trying to make out to be. Ive also experienced a similar injury to KD’s and know the potential severity of it. This could very well change the NBA future landscape. I mean there is a serious possibility that Durant won’t be able to play next season. If he does come back after that he may not be the same. I know some of the above might sound like hyperbole, but to me it looked like legitimate concern from the Warriors players and organization.
  2. Oh the NHL off-season rumor mill, how I've missed thee. Yeah I can't see him going back to Ottawa. Word from Elliotte Friedman 5-6 days ago was Karlsson's taking a long hard look at staying with the Sharks because Karlsson's goal is to win and we would know probably within a week if he wants to stay or move on, meaning that thank you note may not be good bye. So maybe we'll know by the end of the weekend? Sharks having a number of Free Agents though and seem to be waiting to hear from Joe Thornton on if he wants to return or retire. I'm thinking now that the camps of Thornton, Karlsson, Pavelski are all trying to figure out how they work out deals to remain on the Sharks. Unfortunately, if not EK65, then Nyquist seems like the odd-man out right now. Most people see Pavelski as the primary FA to sign, it really depends on how much he wants and term. He's coming off his best season, but he's 34 and coming off an injury-plagued playoffs. Of course Pavs and Jumbo are beloved in San Jose, but it's really just anyone's guess as to what they're doing and if Doug Wilson has some kind of Master plan. Why do I think he might stick around? He seems to spending a good amount of time with Sharks and Bay Area players. Yes, it's hard to travel when you have groin surgery, but he did spend the weekend with teammate (for now) Marcus Sorensen watching the Championships. He was also at the Warriors game last night, but I think that was more in support of fellow Swede and Warrior, Jonas Jerebko. In other not-really-news news, Marleau put his Toronto house up for sale yesterday. It's just under $12Million, I'm assuming CAD.
  3. Steph Curry is unreal, but even he couldn't help the Warriors overcome Toronto Mountain. Toronto is a hell of a team, and are clicking at the right time. I'm not sure Warriors fans, let along NBA fans not in Toronto knew how good the Raptors are. This is a fun series, there are only two annoying things about these Finals: Drake and Scott Foster. As far as the Marks Stevens situation, The NBA over-reacts when it's fan vs player because of it's history with that. My feelings on the issue itself aside, as an owner, you represent the Warriors organization, but as far as I know, at the game, court-side or elsewhere, you're still a fan and are expected to follow the same rules fans do. I haven't been to NBA game in years, but I'd imagine they still make an announcement to stay off the court and not contact players or something along those lines, even if it's as broad as 'don't do anything to disrupt the game".
  4. Are you talking real-life Sharks or in NHL 19? If it's the latter, I tried and if I remember correctly, the Leafs wanted Timo Meier and a first round pick for Marleau. I'm rooting for the Blues as well. No hard feelings against them at all, but now please beat the Bruins. Sorry for the delay in response, don't frequent this site as much as I used to.
  5. DaRadniz29

    Eagle Logo

    I started out trying to get create an eagle logo just to see how I'd do, also I think in my head I wanted to see if I could update my HS alma mater's eagle logo, which I think is somewhat outdated. Now, I don't usually post anything except the final product, but I've decided to post the progression on how I ended up on with the current logo I guess as a reference to see how I got from point A to point B. First the progression chart, left to right. I noticed the shade of blue is off as well, I really have a hard time picking a color blue, because I like pretty much every shade of blue. And now, the current logo: I think because my HS alma mater has an blue and white eagle head on a golden yellow helmet I prefer the eagle head without the gold outline. I do think this logo would be a good update, that is if they ever decided to go from the logo they've used since I can remember. I'll see if I can find the logo they currently use. Note: One thing I noticed when designing this is that when creating an original, from scratch eagle head logo and have it look different enough from other designs isn't necessarily hard, but it's not all that easy either.
  6. Congrats to the St. Louis Blues, the city has waited a long, long time for their Blues to return to the SCF, and it's finally happened. As I said on Sunday, didn't expect the Sharks to make it this far this season the way Game 7 vs Vegas was going. Glad they got to the WCF, even if they needed a few breaks to do it. I know it's too early to really know, but with the Sharks being eliminated is now the Sharks off-season. I wish had inside information on who is coming back and who isn't, but it really is up in the air. Erik Karlsson is the likeliest to leave, however there's rumors that Pavelski might be too expensive to keep. Even if he wants to stay in SJ, there's a price point that he probably has as the lowest he'll take. If DW can pull a rabbit or two out of his hat, great, just don't overpay for EK65. We'll see what happens. Might try a Franchise on NHL 19 and see where the game has Sharks players signing, oh how I wish I could set it up to mirror the season to get the best results.
  7. It feels like I've said this at once a season now, but I'm bored so I'll say it again: I get why people dislike the Warriors, but as someone who grew up in the Bay Area going to Warriors games in the 90s, seeing the likes of Run TMC and company in person , attending the youth skills camp, getting autographs, and seeing them play hard but only make the playoffs I think three times in my youth, it feels good that the Warriors are good again, and headed back to the Finals, but if someone in the 90s told me, the Warriors would go to five straight NBA Finals, in the future, I would have said that doesn't seem likely.
  8. I just wanted the Sharks to do is beat Vegas in round one and I would be happy, but once Pavelski was injured anything beyond the Sharks finishing Game 7 strong was icing on the cake. Will I be disappointed if the Sharks get eliminated Tuesday or Thursday? Yeah. Partly because I know it might be a while before the get the chance to return to the Stanley Cup Final with all the Free agents they have when the season ends. It's hard for me to shake the feeling that I'd rather the Sharks not win the cup this year as she people will say the Sharks didn't earn it and I would feel like I can't wear my Sharks gear anywhere but when I'm in San Jose. While I really want Jumbo to get a Stanley Cup, I truly think that is also icing on the cake in terms of his career. He is one of the best passers of all-time and is a no doubt Hall-of-Famer. Don't get me wrong, I definitely want him and the Sharks to get a Stanley Cup, but plenty of greats never got one. We'll see what happens Tuesday and possibly Thursday. Also, Pierre's "Did you expect you were going to win like that today" question to the Blues player. WTF was that Pierre? One of the reasons Pierre disturbs me. It also reminded me that just once in any of the major sports, I want a conversation to go like the following: Sideline Reporter: So, you think you're going to win tonight? Player of Winning Team: Nope, we stink, we'll be lucky if we keep it close.
  9. In the Sharks-Vegas series the officials tried to call penalty (high-sticking to the face of Pavelski) that they didn't see (and didn't happen) and those refs/officials didn't work the next round or any ensuing round (barring necessity). So tonight, all four officials didn't see the hand pass by Meier, so they couldn't call it, Nyquist gets the puck, passes it to Erik Karlsson and he pots it in the net. The NHL has clearly told the officials you cannot guess, if you don't see it, you can't call it. Does that take the sting away from the Blues or other hockey fans upset at the non-call? Of course not, but I guess you could say that the NHL and officials tried to correct at least one of their errors from the first round and it still bites them in the rear. I only have issue with people saying the Sharks were handed Game 7 against Vegas. They got an opportunity and capitalized. They were not awarded 4 free goals. They were not awarded the OT goal. Tonight is different, the non-call on the hand pass led directly to the game-winning goal. I'll take the win, but as a Sharks fan, it doesn't feel right.
  10. I'm glad the Sharks won the first round series against Vegas and got the W tonight against a tough, speedy and skilled Avalanche team. I had a feeling that tweet was coming once the Sharks killed off that PK, but the Sharks twitter better be careful, they do realize they'll play the Golden Knights again next season...multiple times, right?
  11. NHL apologizes to Vegas for major penalty... http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26604171/nhl-apologizes-vegas-major-penalty-call In addition, the two refs that worked game 7, Dan O'Halloran and Eric Furlatt, will not work the second round. I don't know if removing these officials from Round 2 should be looked at as punishment or more as protection, because any game the were to officiate, any call would be scrutinized.
  12. When the Capitals went up 3-1 and on they way to a commercial break, Kenny Albert said "No miracles tonight" I went "Why would say that after what happened in San Jose last night?" Sure enough, Carolina was like, not so fast Kenny. Hurricanes were outmatched in the first 20-30 minutes of this game, then Justin Williams did what he does and the Canes took over.
  13. Oh my the roller coaster of emotions I and I think all hockey fans just experienced while watching on tv or attending the game experienced last night. When it Vegas scored 3-0, I had my gray Sharks “Our Home - Our Ice” shirt on and said to myself, “ugh I just don't feel it” meaning comeback. So I took that off and put my more comfortable teal shirt on. Was happy they battled to get it to game 7, but disappointed because it didn’t look promising. Then Pavelski goes down and I seriously didn’t care about the outcome of the game seeing the replay, seeing the blood, I started shaking, I had to get up and walk around my house. All I wanted was Pavs to be ok. Then Randy Hahn was saying it might be 5 and a game. I thought if they give Sharks a 5minute PP I don't see the Sharks losing this game. Jumbo doesnt wear the C, but he is no doubt a leader and veteran presence. Couture stepped up big along with the PP unit. Labanc was on fire. Then Vegas ties... because of course they do. I just threw my arms up and said to myself “I don’t know anymore” just win it for Pavs. But Sharks found a way to win. When I saw Goodrow score, I just sat silently for a few moments like “Did this just happen?” Before going into Joe Staley, Douglas Murray-like exuberance. I was at the Sharks game in I think 08 when the Sharks were down 3-1 in series to Dallas and in Game 5, the Sharks went down 0-2, rallied to tie it, and won it OT. Who scored the OT winner? Joe Pavelski. The arena went bananas and I went to work the next day and could not hear anything. I would expect the noise level last night was much much louder.
  14. The Round of 64 is complete. Bracket updated! I had UC Irvine upsetting K-State and Murray State over Marquette in at least one bracket, but I missed on some of the other matchups.
  15. Hi all, I wasn't sure I'd get this done with family visiting, and little rug rats running around but I think I made it before the Round of 64 starts. My annual bracket wallpaper is here. Details on Creation process below image. Round of 32 Initial Bracket Size: 3840x2160 Notes: Since I've gone with a wood floor background every installation I've done these, I decided it was time for a change. The dark blue, golden gray and green were chosen because the Final Four and Championship Game is in Minnesota and it went with the Final Four logo. - I kept the format from last year as it was the best format to read the schools. - School logos are uniformed on the same background. Partially because I liked the aesthetic, but really to cut down on creation time. - New font that is hopefully easier to read, hopefully not comic-sans-y. - Records in Minnesota Green to stand out. Thinking scores will be green for the wining team and navy blue for the losing team, but haven't really decided. - Fog in front of the blue background because I think it looks cool. The added Logo to look like it was rising out of fog wasn't really planned, but I'll take it. I've more than triple-checked my work for spelling errors, etc. However, I've been working on this for a while, I may have missed something, let me know if you notice anything. Will do my best to update the bracket in a timely manner. Enjoy!!
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