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  1. I played full contact from 4th grade to my freshman year of high school. I played offensive and defensive line most of the time, so the risk of "bell ringing" hits was low, but I did get absolutely rocked on multiple occasions. Elementary school kids (middle/high school too, but absolutely younger) shouldn't be getting battered when their bodies and brains are rapidly developing. Honestly glad that I quit when I did.
  2. Waiting for a Boston sports writer to cry about this being a "Roger Goodell conspiracy" against the poor poor underdog Pats organization...
  3. I wouldn't give up a day of my life to see the Titans win it all. Why? My dad has been a Vikings fan since he was 9 years old and watched them lose SB IV on TV (he became a Vikings fan because he loved how their helmets looked). That was 50 years ago. He doesn't even watch the NFL nowadays. I'd still rather see him get to see the Vikings win if I had the choice.
  4. The Oakland Raiders of San Francisco (en Route to Las Vegas)
  5. Jeff Fisher sits in his den as the game ends. He picks up his 1999 AFC championship ring. "To get there and come up short, I know how it feels. After all," He sets the ring down and looks at a photo of himself on the sidelines in a Rams jacket. He smirks under his graying mustache. "I got you there. You knew you'd regret firing me someday. Today's that day, I guess." He turns off the TV, goes to his kitchen, and microwaves a mediocre TV dinner for the fourth straight night.
  6. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. The 2001-present Patriots are the greatest dynasty in NFL history. I will probably never see one QB-coach duo, or any one player in general, win 6 SBs again. I'd rather just let it run its course and accept it as a cool bit of history I'm watching than let it make me angry or feel like some atrocity has been inflicted upon the world because some sportsball team keeps winning. I remember being in middle school and getting uncontrollably angry when the 2008 Titans lost in the divisional round after such an amazing 10-0 start season. I felt cheated and outright hated human beings for the childish reason of their being professional athletes in a uniform I don't root for. Why would I want to fly off the handlebars like that over a game as an adult? Where's the entertainment or happiness in that? And to feel that way over a Pats dynasty that has had an unprecedented run of success? Not worth it. Life goes on. I'll just watch it until it ends and get to tell kids decades from now, "I watched it unfold, I was there, I'm a witness to sports history." Makes for a cool life novelty, if anything.
  7. I change my mind but not my special teams allegiance: #GostkowskiforMVP
  8. A football team winning a lot making you this upset is more detrimental to your life than the football team that wins a lot ever can be. The Patriots winning 6 super bowls ain't a crime against humanity.
  9. No! Shoo! Go away offense! No more points! Don't you know this is a special teams invitational! Sheesh.
  10. Blown calls? Garbage officiating? Lack of parity? Player safety controversies? Nah, all we gotta see to know how much of a farce this league is if the SBLIII:GYMSTI MVP ain't a special teams player.
  11. Super Bowl LIII: The Garo Yepremian Memorial Special Teams Invitational
  12. Regardless of who wins or final score: #JohnnyHekkerforMVP
  13. Don't have to worry about a comeback if nobody plays offense
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