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  1. By the way, do people go to baseball games anymore baseball? I was at Fenway yesterday, and while I understand it was a meaningless game standings-wise, it seemed as if most people were entirely disconnected from the game. Plus, the extinction of basic fan etiquette at a baseball game is official. Yes, I am a little irritated you keep needing to get up for food during an at-bat.
  2. Fouts and Eagle ssssuuuucccckkkkkkkkk.
  3. So nice to see Adidas making up for some of the mistakes they made the first go-around. Good on them.
  4. The current Red Sox ownership has been the absolute best and absolute worst thing to ever happen to the franchise. Cant complain that much though. Won a title last season. Down year this year. Oh well. They’ll bounce back.
  5. That 4th quarter was the most Matt Patricia defensive play calling I’ve ever seen.
  6. Rap reporting AB signs with the Patriots.
  7. K. See you in two days.
  8. Chris Sale. Dear Lord.
  9. Have you ventured to Avalon Exchange on the Delmar Loop before? Scored a '96 Grant Hill All-Star jersey for $15 there about four years ago. Usually have a steady stream of 90's jerseys, Starter jackets, and REO Speedwagon concert tees!
  10. 27 relief pitchers have been dealt recently and none go to the Red Sox, whose bullpen is just below atrocious.
  11. I wouldn't consider a Redden Senators jersey bad. Now, a Redden Rangers jersey on the other hand...
  12. Half of that revenue for MiLB was from me in the Yard Goats team store.
  13. Well I'm just happy they're not springing for JR and King again this time around. Lesson learned.