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  1. Congrats Bucs fans on here! Enjoy it!
  2. Ok. Really funny "fantasy" style season guys. Was a fun experiment. We'll take Brady and Gronk back now. Thanks, y'all.
  3. It really does break my heart to know there’s 2-year old children in this region of the county who have never seen their Patriots in a Super Bowl
  4. Hey all, So I have a blank Bruins jersey that I would love to send to Exclusive Pro and make into a 13-14 Shawn Thornton uniform. This would also include sending along a Bruins 90th anniversary patch. Was wondering for the people that have a history of doing projects like this, what is the best place to get patches? I've checked eBay for good deals, but primarily either run into a listing that explicitly states the patch is not intended for use on fabrics or they don't even address it. Plus, if I'm going to get a patch, I want to make sure it's the correct size, it's legitimate, etc. So, any good websites for legitimate patches meant for repurpose onto a jersey? Any help would be much appreciated. Mods, pardon me if a thread like this is not allowed. Went through the rules and didn't specifically see a rule against it, unless I missed it!
  5. RE: Stafford's worth. Someone made the good argument on Twitter that Stafford is coming off of pretty much the same season Alex Smith did prior to being traded to Washington for a third rounder and Kendell Fuller. Matthew Stafford in 2020 - 4,084 yards, 26 TDs, 10 INTs, Alex Smith in 2017 - 4,042 yards, 26 TDs, 5 INTs However, considering that first round draft picks have been exchanged for players in positions much less important than QB recently, it looks like the Lions might be able to get a king's ransom for Stafford or considering how they've "mutually" agreed to part ways, maybe something even less than what Washington gave up for Smith? It's going to be interesting to see what teams offer and what Detroit eventually accepts. Buckle up!
  6. That's a bit extreme. I like to think I'm respected enough in the NFL threads to not get a "typical Boston fan" label, but I do have to stick up for my team here. You also represent a very small fringe of crazy-thinking on this board and I understand no amount of data or perspective will change your mind, but... The greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the NFL? That's not even a bit superfluous? Pardon my lack of overall NFL-historical knowledge, but has there ever been a coach who succeeded but didn't have a good roster of players? I could definitely be wrong, but I doubt there is. Aren't professional sports teams successful because all elements of their team (coaches, star players, role players, etc.) compete at the highest level and work cohesively? Isn't that was makes a great coach? Wouldn't a great coach be the one who utilized the best aspects of their star players and put their role players into situations to succeed? If so, Belichick is one of the greatest coaches, not frauds, in NFL history. If your argument is "Bill Belichick is only good because he had Brady" then the argument that Phil Jackson (after all, he had Jordan/Pippen, and then Kobe/Shaq) is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the NBA holds merit. That's an avenue you can't even begin to venture down...
  7. NO! Keep Matt Patricia away from this team, especially the defense.
  8. Cam Neely and Don Sweeney are gonna be pissed when they realize they're giving Nick Ritchie, a big guy not from Charlestown, MA, so much playing time...
  9. EL OH EL. I'm rooting for the Bucs. Get TB12 his 7th ring. Pretty different to watch playoff football and not have my team to watch. Makes me even more thankful for the past 20 years!
  10. They're gonna try to shoehorn Jakub Zboril into a prominent role to make it look like the scouting department didn't absolutely whiff in the first round of the 2015 draft, aren't they?
  11. I guess the positive here is that Patrice Bergeron will be the new captain of the Boston Bruins.
  12. Bruins wouldn't match $795,000 for Chara because they want to see how the younger guys play, yet they paid Kevan Miller $1,250,000 a year to waste a roster spot for half the season before spending the rest on the DL? Don't understand that...
  13. I feel like most of these jerseys are going to 100% gaudy and I 100% want each and every one of them.