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  1. Titans - I used to really like their look, but I think it's time a team has a powder blue and red combo, and what better team than the team that used to wear it? Falcons - Seriously, how have they not changed their look yet? It's just a mess. Cardinals - Not as bad as the Falcons, but it still could use some improvement. Lions - Ditch the black. That should have never made it to these new uniforms. What were they thinking? Giants - Their jersey is just so bland, it hurts. Pants look okay, though.
  2. Jacksonville Falcons. Overall, I am pleased that gold was reintroduced back into the uniforms, though.
  3. Reminds me of the Mavericks. Not bad. I just wish it was either navy and silver, or the lighter blue and silver.
  4. Dallas Cowboys - My dad has been a fan of the team since they were first incorporated, so I was always kind of exposed to them. I became a fan of them when I lived in Dallas. Texas Longhorns - Again, my dad has always been a huge fan. I was born in Austin, raised outside of Austin, and live in Austin currently so that helps. Dallas Mavericks - I started liking sports when I lived in Dallas, so I stuck with the Mavericks. I liked their colors, Dirk Nowitzki, and they were just a fun team to watch. Texas Rangers - Again, I started liking sports when I lived in Dallas. I loved the Rangers since then even if they weren't always the greatest team around. Dallas Stars - I don't watch hockey unless it's like game 7 or something. But I consider the Stars my team. FC Dallas - I'm not a soccer fan and I care about it less than I do hockey, but it wouldn't feel right for me to not include FC Dallas on this list.
  5. I hate it by default of the colors. How many more red-white-blue teams does the NBA need, or American professional sports in general? Also, I don't know what you guys are looking at, but there's no "W" formed on the shorts. Unless you're talking about the lower part of the star, but that's probably not intentional.
  6. 76ers, Pistons, Clippers, Hawks, Wizards... oh joy.
  7. I don't get it. Why? Where has the colors of a possible Winnipeg team been announced?
  8. So they just completely got rid of the gold? Great. Now they look like the 5 other navy/red teams.
  9. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Finally, a WS without the stupid Yankees or Phillies.
  10. Oh man, what a magical season. Dallas Whoboys? It's all about the Rangers now.
  11. Would that mean technically the Colts are blue and silver, by the NFL's standards?
  12. I had no idea that the NFL considered gray facemasks as part of a team's color scheme.
  13. Screw political correctness. If there can be a team called the Redskins, then we deserve to get the Bullets back. It's not like they're called the Washington Murderers.
  14. Dallas - Blue and Silver San Diego - Navy Blue and Gold Atlanta - Red and Blue