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  1. I'm really astonished by the level of self-righteousness that exists on this thread regarding counterfeit jerseys. I have bought counterfeit jerseys in the past, and am not particularly ashamed to admit it. I don't feel like I'm less of a 'true fan' because I've done this; supporting my team and being an athletics aesthetics enthusiast don't make me any more willing to drop literally hundreds of dollars on a jersey, no matter how close it is to what's worn on the field. In fact, I sort of feel that buying into the absurdly-overpriced authentic jersey trade fosters the idea that fandom is something that can be bought and sold. What I AM opposed to is when fans make an uneducated decision and buy a counterfeit accidentally - this reflects a lack of attention to aesthetic details that concerns me a lot more than people's unwillingness to spend big bucks on a glorified shirt. As for the intellectual property dilemma, in principle I agree that buying and selling counterfeits constitutes theft. But somehow I'm unable to find any remorse for my actions when they're harming Nike and Adidas, two immoral and exploitative companies that could easily diminish the counterfeit problem by lowering the prices of their products.
  2. This has been one of my favorite threads to follow. At my school, a senior research project with measurable impacts on the community is a requirement for graduation. For some people, this is an onerous task, but I've found it to be a really wonderful chance to follow my interests. As a descendant of Highland Scots who settled in Saint John, New Brunswick, I proudly wear my clan tartan and value greatly the heritage of my ancestors on both a personal and communal basis. I've been focusing on Highland roots in Vermont, where the iconic old-timer wears the red-and-black checkers of the Rob Roy tartan, but I see Nova Scotia, and in particular Cape Breton, as excellent models of places where history still lives. In Cape Breton, around 1500 people still speak the Gáidhlig, and many Nova Scotians, like the author Alistair MacLeod, see themselves as distinctly Scottish- Canadian, yes, but Scottish first and foremost. With this in mind, I think that your concept does an excellent job of tying Scottish heritage into an effective sports brand. I love the logo; the St. Andrew's cross and lion rampant echo heraldry and really look sharp. The secondary logo is really nice as well; I like how its shape evokes a thistle. The jerseys are a little cluttered for my tastes, particularly the side panels; the crest is detailed and impressive enough that it can stand by itself, with more subtle, traditional striping to accentuate it, rather than distract from it. Also, I feel like the gold works well in the crest, but not so much in the jerseys. Did you consider putting the saltire on the socks? Great work here- 's math sin gle mhath! Can't wait to see what's next.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, folks. I suppose that what I meant by de-cluttering the kits mainly revolved around switching the manufacturer, because as a rule I don't like the Adidas three stripes look. With the cross, I thought I'd evoke a national symbol that also works as part of the jersey design. Maybe it's just a personal bias, as the Serbia 2010 World Cup home kit is my favorite of all time. As for the colors, I was indeed aware of the debate over royal blue vs. navy blue. It seems to me that the important thing on the home kit is to preserve tradition, as Scotland has never worn anything other than navy (the roseberry kit notwithstanding). As for the away kit, I thought I'd pick up on the color of the flag. It's sort of similar to how the Dutch wear orange at home due to tradition and (at least in the last two World Cups) have their away kit based on the flag. The rationale behind the ALBA on the socks and collar is as follows: although Scottish Gaelic is largely only a Highland phenomenon (it was actually spoken throughout Scotland at what point, but died out in most of the Lowlands by the end of the Middle Ages- I read a book about the history of Gaelic in Scotland while bored out of my mind on winter break), it (and more significantly, the word "Alba") has come to represent the nation as a whole. We can debate the appropriateness of this at length, but most people identify Gaelic with Scotland, and vice versa. It strikes me as an effective brand that, while it may not reflect the cultural identity of the majority of Scots, does fit in with the stereotypical view of Scotland as a land of kilted warriors shouting "Alba gu bráth!" that many people (and, more importantly in the eyes of the Scottish FA and Umbro, potential customers) so love. Sorry for my miniature essay- I happen to speak a good bit of Scottish Gaelic, and its a topic that strikes quite a chord with me. This sort of gets caught up in the debate over the disparity between the image and the reality of Scotland which has become so politicized as a result of the independence movement. But that's another matter. I appreciate the feedback, and will come out with an update soon. I think I'm planning on switching up the logos as curswine suggested and eliminating the shoulder stripes. Anything else I should do?
  4. According to its URL, this emoticon means "wacko". I am not sure what this refers to: me, Scotland, or the concept. The first (me) may indeed be wacko (I think I read somewhere that insane people don't know they're crazy), the second (Scotland) definitely is (they eat haggis there), but I'm afraid that I'm not sure what makes the concept "wacko" enough to make your eyes wiggle and your mouth wobble. I would appreciate further clarification, and, if I may go so far, suggestions to improve the concept.
  5. While I work on updating my Vancouver Whitecaps concept, I thought I'd show you guys my idea for the Scotland national soccer (or, as its better known over there, "fitba") team. I even whipped up some rudimentary action shots of my concept kits in action. I absolutely love the home kit Adidas unveiled for this year, but I just can't get over the three stripes. They really clutter up an otherwise clean design. So I started out by simplifying the look, getting rid of the unnecessary piping and stripes over the shoulders. Then, I added the Saint Andrew's cross across the chest to mimic the flag. Other than that, I kept the design fairly simple, with white shorts and red socks hearkening back to the glory days of Scottish football (the '70s, when Archie Gemmill reigned supreme). Home Kit Home Kit in Action (Based on a photo of Gerard Piqué) Adidas' effort on the away kit was considerably less impressive, so I thought I'd give Scotland a totally new away look. The white and light blue color scheme evokes the flag, which is also displayed on the socks. Away Kit Away Kit in Action (Yes, I realize that this is a photo of Beckham) I hope you enjoy, and eagerly await feedback.
  6. It's been a long while since I've posted on these boards, but inspiration struck. The Vancouver Whitecaps will be joining the MLS next year, and have unveiled their new identity. While it is a clean, crisp brand that is a big step up from their amateur-ish USL look, it just seems so corporate in my opinion. The new colors are identical to those of Sporting Kansas City, and there is little character in the logo itself. With this in mind, I created a new logo that takes some ideas from the new logo (the mountain reflected as an interlocking VW) and some from the old (the cresting wave). Logo Next, on the jerseys, I attempted to preserve the signature blue stripe across the crest that the new identity abandons. I added blue pants to avoid the white-on-white look that dominates the MLS. The Canadian flag is on the left sleeve, and (in a departure from the conceivable, as Adidas has a contract with the MLS until 2018) the jerseys are made by Umbro. Home Kit The away kit is sky blue, with a chevron (I guess it sort of evokes the Canucks' infamous V jerseys in a subtle sort of way) across the chest. Away Kit I hope you enjoy! C&C is welcome and encouraged.
  7. As a proud resident of Vermont, I'm a little confused as to the Vermont VooDoo name. Vermont is about as far from voodooism as one can get. The Northeast Kingdom doesn't have many witch doctors to my knowledge. That said, I love the idea of a team from the Green Mountain State. Some other names don't really work for me. I understand that you're going for creative, but I'd recommend having some type of connection to the home city. As far as I know, not many cyclones blow into Cleveland from Lake Erie, and Portland seems to have a crippling pharaoh deficiency. I'm not a big fan of the Anaheim Anacondas or the Atlanta Valcanoes (sic) either. Still, I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  8. The Argentina concept is nice enough, but there are a couple of things I feel could use some tweaking. First, the three stripes down the sides (on the home) are just a little too much "adidas" for me, as is the actual adidas wordmark at the base of the collar. I'm also not such a fan of the number font; looks a little lopsided and hand-drawn. I like the sublimated sun on the home jersey, and the thin vertical piping on the away is beautiful. Good work overall. Can't wait to see what's next!
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments. It's great to get real feedback. Based on the comments, these are the changes I'll make for my second edition: 1. Add some faint seams to better indicate the cut of the jerseys 2. Thicken the pants stripe 3. Possibly tweak the sock stripe (on this one I'll probably move the stripe to a horizontal position at the top and see how that looks) 4. Manufacturer's logo 5. Back view detail that shows NOB and number font 6. Fix crest on third (As for the color, I changed the red to a slightly brighter shade than the one they currently use just because it stands out more and the current red feels a little drab) As for the action template, would you suggest that I have separate images for each uniform (i.e. Home picture, Away picture, and Third picture)? Thanks for the advice!
  10. Match-up 1: chestnutz Match-up 2: KaTo Match-up 3: KaTo Match-up 4: TalktoChuck Match-up 5: HarperK Match-up 6: chestnutz Match-up 7: raysox Match-up 8: TalktoChuck Nice work everyone. There were some tough match-ups, particularly the first one.
  11. Beautiful, beautiful work here. Like chestnutz said, the little details are what sets this apart; the flag on the back collar, the flower sublimation on the chest, and the Nederland on the socks. I personally feel that red works better on the change instead of orange (my reasoning is that since the home jersey is all about representing the traditional orange imagery, why not have the change represent the flag and have both red and blue rather than just one of the flag's colors), but it looks great either way. Nice job.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm not at the point where I'm comfortable enough using vector programs to post them, and the above work is indicative of my level of expertise. I don't think it's really fair to compare my work to that of chestnutz or KaTo, who are excellent designers on a level far higher than mine. I apologize if the pixelated nature of my concept is to an extent that the idea behind it is not clear, but unless that is so I'd prefer critiques on the actual concept, not on its state as a blurry mess. I understand that the presentation is an integral part of a concept, but I don't think it's bad enough (in my case) to warrant disregard of the concept itself. I'm trying to learn Illustrator (I have the 30-day trial), but until I've mastered it I'd prefer to post concepts in a manner I'm used to.
  13. Now that school is done, I'm footloose and fancy free, with nothing to do but hike, bike, and make United States soccer concepts! So here's my idea for the Screaming Eagles (my personal idea for a nickname). I have always liked the two-stripe motif (found here and here); it balances the colors well and presents a classic but unique look. So, I implemented the two stripes throughout the design; on the chest, sleeves, shorts, and even the socks. The home kit is the traditional white-navy-white look, while the away is navy-white-navy. The third jersey is similar to the 2006 away kit; red, with a diagonal navy and white sash. Unlike in 2006, I went with white shorts and navy socks for the third. I would also like to point out that this is one of the first times I've used an action template, and I think it turned out rather well. My process on this concept is entirely different from what most people use; first, I draw the basic template by hand. Then I take a picture, import it to photobucket, and use the primitive fill and paint tools to turn it into a (somewhat) digitized concept. I apologize for the pixelated nature of my concept, but I hope you enjoy my design. Here it is: C&C would be great! More soccer concepts coming soon...
  14. This is one of the best USMNT concepts I've seen. I like the sash design, and the balance of colors is excellent. Goes perfectly with the new crest. I don't know about the crest on the socks, though; seems like it's pushing it. As for the commenter above me, I'm not sure if you're joking. First of all, our national coat of arms is ugly; too busy, no use of negative space, gradients, too many random colors, bad font; second, it's not at all suited to be the crest for our national soccer team. Great work here, lost_limey.