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  1. A - Brazil, Mexico, Cameroon, Croatia B - Netherlands, Chile, Australia, Spain D - England, Italy, Costa Rica, Uruguay E - Honduras, Ecuador, France, Switzerland
  2. Brandon Moore - Heart of America Brandon Moore - Paradise Black Bolt - Lone Star
  3. 1 - Berlin 2 2 - Stuttgart 3 - Frankfurt 4 - Dortmund 5 - Dresden
  4. 1 - Marseille 2 2 - Paris 3 3 - Paris 1 4 - Bordeaux 5 - Marseille 1
  5. you are KILLING me with the Pittsburgh team...rebranding my USA team to that for the upcoming season.
  6. Not much to say about these, I combined some old templates I had sitting around and came up with these. Nothing groundbreaking, but leave a request if you would like.
  7. Does it really matter? I don't think there were any Kentucky fans pumped for the NIT tournament. I think they just wanted the year to end and have Calipari ship this year's players out (maybe including Noel) and replace them (his "one-and-done" student athlete principle). Working for RMU, I will say this. A fair amount of BBN traveled considering the size of our gym including one fan that had a sign reading "#1 seed again, now lets cut down the nets for a second time." Calipari even said in his postgame that he sat his players that weren't putting forth any effort. Being down 10-0 they could have easily rolled over and said screw it but they battled with a chance to win at the end.
  8. Michigan Alabama UNC-Greensboro Missouri
  9. Michigan Central Michigan Wisconsin Alabama UNC-Greensboro Simon Fraser Towson Northern Arizona
  10. Gonzaga Michigan Ohio Central Michigan Wisconsin Boston College Notre Dame Penn State UNC Greensboro Louisville Texas Tech Simon Fraser Missouri Towson Northern Arizona USC
  11. You are correct. Jordan's jersey never had the bull above the name But it was added just to have it visible on the phone. I accept any critique & good job catching that, most people probably wouldnt hav caught that. If this were to be used with the iPhone, the logo would just get lost behind the time when used on the lock screen. Just something to keep in mind.
  12. crkraider22

    NCAA Yakball

    I'll take Robert Morris.
  13. Can you look at the thread to see that an Astros one is already made.
  14. I will get to these shortly. Also, I have the template for the 4 and 4s models so just specify what model/size you would need.
  15. Yeah, I can do those for you.
  16. Not sure what to say about these. I like the "boldness" of the Nike line of slogan t-shirts so I combined that with a little bit of a grunged logo behind the team slogan. I also added a team stripe that mimics the location of the slider on the lock screen. Let me know your thoughts as well as any comments and such.
  17. I would match the banner color to the secondary color in the logo, this case the blue. Also I would contrast the wordmark from the background to give the overall look some more depth and possibly add a drop shadow to the banners for depth as well.
  18. Would you be able to send me the .psd file for this?