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  1. I am going to be very blunt on this: This had zero chance of getting approved when you start digging into the recent politics at Nanaimo City Hall. The population's trust in city council is at an all-time low, and with last night's vote, they pretty much shouted their piece of mind to the city. (FYI: 80% of the vote was NO).
  2. Funny you mention this one, I tried YEARS ago to let this forum know of this logo but it went unnoticed. This logo was placed somewhere in the Coliseum, it seems to have been used for publicity photos and etc., for example: Pavel Bure was photographed in front of it holding his jersey for the newspapers in 1991, and is easily findable on Google. This variant of the skate was also used on the team airplane:
  3. "That is just the Atlanta flames logo" Yep, Flames have a wonderful recycling program going on, correct?
  4. AHL Flames logos, practically Calgary's assistant captain patches blown up to jersey crest size:
  5. Smyl actually played in the original colors, although it was in pre-season of 1978-79 just prior to the change. I'm not sure if the video footage of him still exists in the Canucks library archive (bear in mind I saw the footage on their site around 2007)
  6. Just a quick recoloring job of the Flaming "C" if you want to see how it looks on yellow background for those who are wondering.
  7. This is why you won't get a job designing centre ice logos. Tell that to Dallas 1994, such an idea with two different logos happened.
  8. This was the original point of these scoreboards illustrations, to get them into NHL 08 (or NHL 2004), unfortunately the way the game handles its 3d models, the community discovered one cannot modify the model in any way but reshape it, not add to it, so natrually the support for these 'boards were limited if not impossible, might be different for NBA Live but it was impossible on NHL 06-09, and nobody took up my challenge for NHL 2004 where the models can somewhat be modified.
  9. Thanks for the comments, more as requested: (Great Western) Forum's 1st scoreboard (67-91) Great Western Forum's 2nd scoreboard (91-99) --- Pittsburgh Civic Arena's 1st scoreboard (61-80) Pittsburgh Civic Arena's 2nd scoreboard (80-95) Pittsburgh Civic Arena (Mellon Arena)'s 3rd scoreboard (95-2010)
  10. Hi, here is a sample of my work regarding arena scoreboards: (WARNING: LARGE IMAGES) Chicago Stadium's 2nd scoreboard (76-84) Chicago Stadium's 3rd scoreboard (84-94) Boston Garden's 2nd scoreboard (70-95) FleetCenter's 1st scoreboard (95-06)
  11. In theory this is what it would look like: (Created by EA Sports, 1997 for NHL '98, PC Version) But this was made with the 1998 ASG in mind, EA didn't know the Canucks would go with a single Orca ice logo for the season without any ASG logos when it was first introduced.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out. "Custard Pie" was used as the font, We'll get it fixed
  13. They started downgrading the moment the league went to Reebok EDGE in 2008, their first year Grizzlies set were the best (with the claw swipes on the arms). Nothing yet on the Capitals front, I'll pop in if they did anything drastic.
  14. It was not uncommon in the day to see the miscolored nameplates in certain games in the 1970s according to my travels on Youtube, Hell, the Canucks had Blue nameplates on their white jerseys once opon a time (I'll cite this "30 Years 30 Stories" segment they had in 2007 for the source)
  15. Jets actually made a logo for their rebirth...