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  1. Josh Cribbs on the Raiders. My favorite Brown / Kent State Golden Flash
  2. Found another place selling a knockoff of the Cleveland Barons...not bad, but it has the wrong crest as usal. At least they aren't asking for $110 like the ones that are on ebay...$40 http://www.etsy.com/listing/152155343/gilles-meloche-hockey-jersey-stitch?ref=shop_home_active&ga_search_query=Barons Just wish the NHL would sell legitimate ones.
  3. I like the Vikings the best out of the 3. The matte actually works good here, just hope it doesn't run rampant through the NFL as the next trend like it has in college.
  4. Finally did a buy it now for the CBJ ccm alt. $65 buy it now, but it's brand new w tags.
  5. Love the bit about how great the nameplate is on the Wild jersey when compared to the teamshop, when you can very clearly see that the font is way off.
  6. My work's internet blocker blocks the website as spyware.
  7. Sells more than just Isles jerseys too: His Blue Jackets one looks legit and you can see where the jock tag was removed: On most of the CBJ fakes the stars on the sleeve are not slanted as they should be and they dont have the silver thread (more of a dull gray)
  8. Another Isles one here...Has the R. Probably learned his lesson about the lack of jock tag, hence whole jersey isn't shown: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-York-Islanders-jersey-Medium-/111015064999?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item19d90375a7
  9. So sorta a case of someone trying to pass a fake as a replica. Sent the seller a message and asked if it's a Reebok Premier there is no jock tag. Should be interesting to see their response. At least they aren't completely robbing someone...$9.99 auction, $55 buy it now. Still cheating people, but could be worse if they were selling it for the $100-125 replica price. Is it worth reporting the item to ebay, or do they do nothing about it?
  10. Listed as a "Reebok Premier Replica" Don't see a jock tag though. Is it legit?
  11. When on ebay, I always seem to buy with confidence when they jersey is a Reebok premier jersey, as the fakes are usually passed off as authentic. I see the jock tag and immediately assume it is legit. However, has there ever been reported cases of counterfeiters producing fake replicas? If they can make all of the tags, it wouldn't be hard for them to slap a jock tag on and make it look like a legit premier jersey.
  12. They notice. But they obviously don't care. My biggest issue is when people use the excuse "well players move around so much these days I can't justify forking over $150 (replica) for a player who won't be here next year." That may be true, but that is why they sell blanks...and there are deals to be had on those! On amazon I got a premier CBJ third jersey for $60 and a premier CBJ away jersey for $40 during the lockout. They are both old stock with the old Reebok symbol, but are straight from Reebok and legit. And it wasn't just because of the lockout, two days ago Winnipeg Jets premiers were on sale on amazon for $60.
  13. Cleveland Barons (NHL) and the Blue Jackets CCM third jersey are on my list. Barons will be hard to find, as the only ones I have seen on ebay have the incorrect crest.
  14. Here is a question I have...there's a company called Dorholt Custom sports that was making Devils xmas tree jerseys (before the throwbacks from CCM were available), Cleveland Barons jerseys, Fighting Saints, a few others...all jerseys that at the time were no longer produced. Technically they fell into the fake category as they were not officially licensed by the NHL, but being the only way to get your hands on them would be an old used version from Ebay...I feel it wasn't as bad as Chinese fakes of existing jerseys. I think they still do the red xmas tree jerseys, which is bad since you can now get them from the NHL Shop, but they remain the only place to get a new white version of the xmas jersey.
  15. At least it has the better Lightning logo on the shoulder. I guess that is one thing the counterfeiters got right when compared to the real deal.
  16. Also, can't believe we have made it this far without a single mention of the Dropkick Murphys.
  17. Slightly Stoopid's guitarist / singer sports a Chargers jersey every once in awhile: And here's a dual one of their sax player in a sixers jersey and a Chargers inspired band logo:
  18. What exactly is the main factor in driving up the price of the legit product? I'm assuming it is the licensing with the player and league right? If the counterfeiters have proven on thing, the actual production (at least when it comes to replicas, as they are the closest in quality to the counterfeiters "authentics") does not make up the largest portion of the cost.
  19. It is one thing when someone knowingly purchases one of these jerseys...I feel bad for people like your uncle who go in thinking they are getting the real deal and don't even know it. These days it is even harder to tell. Search "Phil Dawson Browns jersey"...some of the sites that come up look exactly like legit Browns shops if you haven't shopped for jerseys before. I have even seen some that mimic the NFL Shop site as well as Fans Edge and Dicks.
  20. At least the quality of the legit jerseys have gone way up with only a small increase in price. The $80 screen print jerseys Reebok used to offer were awful...4 or 5 washes later it was time for a new jersey. So at that time I could almost understand why someone would rather buy a stitched knockoff for half the price. But the new Nike jerseys are much better for $20 more. The $140 Limited jerseys are awesome. I got a Joe Haden jersey last week and compared it to an old Reebok knockoff I have (hey I was a broke college student when I got it) and there is no comparison. Well worth the extra $100.There are some horrible Browns knockoffs out there where the Brown is much lighter. May not as noticeable on the street, but when you get into a crowd of Browns fans, you stick out enough for non-uni geeks to notice.
  21. I'm sure they make their money off the bulk buyers who then go and put this stuff on Ebay. It's bad enough that they are selling fakes, but I find it much worse when someone pays $100+ on ebay for one of these thinking they got the real deal. That's why I am glad they focus on the bulk orders more.
  22. Rework that a little bit and make it red, white, and blue and it would make an ok Caps concept...make the arm/wing flag like.
  23. That one is actually from another site that sells fakes. They have some others that lead me to believe they may now have the brown color right. But with these sites you never know. I saw a Devils jersey from one of these sites once that had everything spot on, but gray on the collar instead of black.
  24. Browns fakes are pretty easy to spot these days..the main fake sites can't seem to match the seal brown color. They all seem to look a bit lighter than the actual Nike versions. The brown is more on par with the Reebok replicas which appear lighter in certain light. vs I've seen a couple of people walking around with Richardson jerseys that appear just bit lighter than what you see on shelves in stores.
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