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  1. Coyotes sale complete, so time to watch for the Arizona Coyotes rebrand news...though they had said that won't happen until 2014-2015
  2. Didn't hate the Dolphins unis. Though I agree, Orange was completely lost on TV.
  3. Wow! Used to get these in the mid-90s for school too. Used to sharpen the crap out of the teams I hated haha!
  4. First time I looked at it I thought it looked like the yellow portion was torn up, but it looked cool once I focused on the mountains.
  5. Think it works for this logo. Just hope everyone doesn't start doing this.
  6. Kent back to wearing navy helmets in practice: Wonder if the gold was just a one time thing for the scrimmage: Looked back on David Carducci's twitter feed and it looks like the gold was just for the Spring Game and Practice. Too bad. Looks so much better than the navy.
  7. Only thing I don't like is the gray. Without the Buffaslug it looks out of place. Maybe get rid of it all together? A quick mockup:
  8. For Columbus I would go with the current Away or the Original 3rd
  9. Dont like it. Hopefully just a mistake from EA.
  10. Got the Limited away for $18 at Dicks. Girlfriend got the home Game version for $12
  11. That may be the worst thing I have ever seen in college football.
  12. I think they can change the perception...why else when a team rebuilds they sometimes change the uniforms to signal a new era. I remember when the Jets changed to the fauxbacks in 1998 and then started doing good it made people quickly forget the 80s/90s uniforms. The Jets still have not thrown back to the 80s/90s green unis because I am sure it still reminds people of the Kotite years.
  13. Yeah nice unis, but I swear Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy must be banned from further sports promotional use.
  14. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but Kent State has switched to a yellow helmet (similar to their bowl game one, minus the crazy bird eyes) with their usual logo: And a link to it in action at their Spring game: Looks awesome...a team called the Golden Flashes should not be decked out in mostly navy blue.
  15. Not sure I like the "cape-effect" (if that's where all of this is in fact going). But I guess that avoids them becoming a Nashville clone. But, why does it seem that the Sabres and Islanders (two teams with beautiful uniforms in their early years) are in a race to see who can ruin their identity first? Oh, and shameless plug for my first jersey related post to be featured on a blog: http://unionandblue.com/2013/07/19/ranking-the-columbus-blue-jackets-jerseys/
  16. You could add the New York Islanders to that list as well.
  17. Was looking on NHL Uniforms at the current alts for teams that have them and how old they are. Counting the upcoming season: 5 yrs: Bruins, Hurricanes, Coyotes, Blues, Sharks, Lightning, Canucks 4 yrs: Avs 3 yrs: Ducks, Flames (Retiring), CBJ, Wild, Rangers 2 yrs: Kings (Retiring), Islanders, Sens, Pens (Retiring), Leafs, Caps Number of thirds (since Reebok Edge): 1: Ducks, Bruins, Flames, Canes, Avs, Jackets, Stars, Edmonton, Florida, Wild, Preds, Rangers, Flyers, Coyotes, Blues, Sharks, Lightning, Canucks, Caps 2: Sabres, Black Hawks, LA (primary swapped with alt), Islanders, Sens, Pens, Leafs I was actually surprised at some of the alts lasting 5 years. The third is looked to as the ultimate cash grab, but a lot of the thirds are now a half decade old. Also, the majority of the teams have stuck with their one alt, or have retired it and not gone to another one. If the rumors are true, the Sabres and Pens may be on to their 3rd alt since the program was reinstated.
  18. Wild at 29. I stopped reading there because the list has no credibility. Yeah it's awful. Capitals wordmark ahead of Devils, Isles, Wild and a few others? Saying the Blue Jackets "American Flag" looks like a flag going fast...that's because it's the Ohio flag. The Jets better than the Bruins?
  19. Sportsnet did a logo power ranking: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-logo-power-rankings-from-stunning-to-ugly/
  20. User GFB came up with this one on here awhile back, and it is still my favorite Indians concept:
  21. Agreed. Avs have by far the WORST look in hockey right now. If they can't go back to the original look, why not look to their AHL affiliate for help:
  22. Josh Cribbs on the Raiders. My favorite Brown / Kent State Golden Flash
  23. That would easily take the Ducks from one of the more boring brands to one of the best. Throw in a Webbed D alt that either uses dark green or black and I think it's perfect.