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  1. The bottom 2 pics would also work in a thread titled "Players with the wrong eyebrows."
  2. No...it's clearly the normal BP hat with the W. There's really no reason to speculate that it's some alternate logo. Every hat on the wall is what is worn. Why is there a blob on this guy's face? In the category of "something I just realized," the circle is the guy's glasses, not his nose I was referring to the blob above that circle. Edit: If the circle you are referring to is his glasses (or even if it isn't) what is going on with his face? The circle is his nose. We can see his left eye only. Right. But what's the blob above his nose? His forehead. Look at his face as a profile, then you'll see that the blob is his nose and the circle are glasses/monocle. I've seen an old Senators program with that logo on it. The blob above the eye is a unibrow. That logo was designed by Zang Auerbach, Red's brother, also the designer of the Celtics logo.
  3. The "unknown" logo is actually St. John's.
  4. St. John's in gray this afternoon vs. Pitt.
  5. Same with the 1989 - 1997 Orioles hat. I'm still holding out hope that it will eventually be released.
  6. I miss seeing teams in all sports with more individual looks in regards to warm up jerseys, jackets, etc.
  7. Don't forget about the original angry bird, George.
  8. Orioles hat logos. 1989 - 1997 > 1998
  9. WTF is going on with his face? CSN Washington ran a piece last night on DC sports publicist, Presidential inaugural announcer, and former Washington Senators PA man Charlie Brotman. It highlighted his vast memorabilia collection showcasing DC's sports and political scenes. One of the items he showed off was a game program with the above logo, which Charlie said was designed by Red Auerbach's brother Zang. That strange mass above the Senator's eyes is actually supposed to be a bushy gray uni-brow.
  10. Maryland/North Carolina from Saturday. Big time vibes of the early 00s Pirates and the 70s/80s Royals.
  11. Here's another interesting Jazz warm up.
  12. St. John's black uniforms in action.
  13. St. John's doing a blackout this Saturday, March 5th against USF.
  14. http://plixi.com/p/66041432# http://plixi.com/p/66038721#